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Mar 2016
Kiran Lakhotia
Mar 02 2016 05:28
Hi, what's the quickest way to test/explore smart contracts & get sufficient ether to do so? I was at the workshop last night and we couldn't get a private chain setup. I'm now connected to the test net. Do I just have to start mining and wait or is there another way?
Afri Schoedon
Mar 02 2016 08:27
yes just start a single miner threat, and wait 1 minute. keep the miner running while you deploy the contracts.
Jon Nordby
Mar 02 2016 09:06
yeah mining on th e testnet is very quick. Overnight I got 1*10^21 ether, haha
Kiran Lakhotia
Mar 02 2016 09:09
ok - I'll start mining :)
Mar 02 2016 09:15
hi all!
by the way you could also write dapp (contract code + front end) using Mix, then deploy on the testnet also with mix and browse it with Mist.
is it the morden testnet or is this another testnet?
Jon Nordby
Mar 02 2016 10:10
geth --testnet so that should be Morden
Jon Nordby
Mar 02 2016 22:53
wrote first working smart-contract today. Spent a lot of time not understanding why I could not see events going on, before I realized that I only used call in my tests... That means there were no transactions, and since events are logs attached to transaction - no events either...
Jon Nordby
Mar 02 2016 22:58
so one needs to use sendTransaction, or the high-level promises setup by ether-pudding
Mar 02 2016 23:38
congratulation, @jonnor !
oh, and I forgot to mention that during the meetup: If you have projects (even the tinyest) you want to showcase, please talk to me!