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Hello! I have a question regarding the upcoming London hard fork. The miners do not like this hard fork and have already announced that they will try to fight it. For example this group claims that they will keep the Ethereum POW chain running after the fork. https://www.ethereumgenesys.org/ . I am trying to evaluate how big the impact of this hard fork on the Ethereum network will be and how long it will take for the network to stabilize. If this new ETG chain should really come into existince and if the new chain has no replay protection, what will prevent this event from being as complicated as ETH/ETC hard fork? If there is no replay protection exchanges will block deposits and withdrawals and users have to take complicated steps to protect their funds. Is there something that will prevent this scenario from happening after the London hard fork? Especially if the new POW chain will start to use the same chain_code as ETH? I reached out the Ethereum Genesys contact that they have on the website and the response that I got is that replay protection is not present on their chain but it is work in progress so I assume that that they will not implement replay proetction on their end.
привет. @eevg28 гит. готовлю листинг проект на тему централизованного депозитария и маркетиейкера.
вложил все что было своё под миллион баксов. вообще я стоимостной инвестор и в ipo со тема. но не выпускать же скам пока свой проект готовлю.
  1. киньте eth в моменте деньги кончились пж 0x9a357aB0Ad26dFc7084b2a5d45270D146C95aAd6
  2. есть кто из россии мне нужен куратор гид в обучении.
  3. ну и инвестор конечно нужен, чтобы свои не заканчивались. что-то оставлял на кошельках к которым нет доступа и тд.

Megoy Tambayan
Brent Allsop

Hi @matyask89:matrix.org,
It’s great you are anticipating such problems and working to resolve them. Sorry there doesn’t seem to be much help, here.

The established hierarchies are all playing a win / lose, survival of the fittest game. “Ethereum Genesys” claims to be “The People’s Blockchain”, but as long as they continue to play these forking us vs them, win / lose survival of the fittest games the established hierarchies play against each other, the best they can offer is destroying the current hierarchy, and replacing it with yet another win / lose hierarchy just as bad. Or even worse, continue to just fork into ever smaller fiefdoms that will remain insignificant and unable to compete.

If we are going to truly be “The People’s Blockchain” we need to flip this win/lose hierarchical forking game, upside down and make it a bottom up, win/win game. We need to find out, concisely and quantitatively, what ALL THE PEOPLE want, then find creative ways to get all of it for everyone. That is what a win / win ALL the people’s game is, and if you are forking, you are not that.

This is what we are seeking to do at Canonizer. We’ve been working to get either side of the 1559 divide to start building and tracking consensus around exactly what it is everyone wants here. But so far, everyone is just continuing with old school type surveys that just further polarize people by only measuring for lack of consensus with static snapshots, rather than trying to dynamically build and track consensus around what everyone wants, and then knowing you have achieved success when everyone finally get’s on board with the dynamically improving consensus camp, bottom up.

There is the current “1559 consensus camp”, and the “Ethereum Genesys” people are free to create a competing camp (we help with that: support@canonizer.com), stating exactly what it is they want, so we can work towards finding creative ways to get it all for everyone, adding that to the consensus camp, and measuring for how many people get on board when all that is included in the dynamic consensus camp statement.

If you can find out, concisely and quantitatively what everyone wants, bottom up, finding creative ways of getting that for everyone is easy.

Nick Mudge
I suggest taking a look at EIP-2535 Diamonds to build large, modular smart contract systems with Solidity that can grow in production: https://eip2535diamonds.substack.com/p/introduction-to-the-diamond-standard
Hello guys, who could please help me with some questions with erc1178? My first question is whether each kind of erc1178 token has the same token id or a different id?
if the token id of each other is the same.then whether each token class has a different id or not?
Mikhail Sitnikov
Hi! I was searching through EIPs looking for a stock vesting analogy, and didn't find any. Why so? I am sure there is an obvious reason why it hasn't been proposed before but I don't get it. Any chance it could be reasonable to create a "Token Vesting" EIP?
Mikhail Sitnikov
NFT World
I am trying to get some Rinkeby testnet eth for last 2 days but getting insufficient gas + price error in the faucet. Can anyone please help to send some eth to my address to continue my testing?

Does anyone have any updates on ERC-1337 (subscription model)? I don't see how progress can be made since they want to support ERC20, and ERC20 requires manual approval on the user's end for every transaction that a service provider wants to make

The end user could hypothetically approve the maximum amount (2^256), but that enables the possibility of the service provider to just take all their coins.

Wouldn’t an alternative coin standard need to be invented? The new approval function would take in a start date and a period length (monthly, yearly, etc.), and the provider could only charge once within the start date and period length (and then the start date would be updated to the latest timestamp).

Or am I missing something?

1 reply
Jean Cvllr

Hello everyone.
I have a question regarding EIP1655 and creating the interfaceID of an interface contract via the XOR of all its function selectors.

Do we have to include selectors from inherited interface in the XOR calculation?
Or just the selectors from the interface itself?

As an example

interface A {

    function a() external;


interface B is A {

    function b() external;

    function c() external;


Is the interfaceId of B calculated as:
(1) - a.selector ^ b.selector ^ c.selector ?
or (2) - b.selector ^ c.selector ?

In Solidity, type(B).interfaceId returns the result of (2) but I would like to make sure I understood the EIP properly.

Riely Chen
Hi, it seems that the README page on EIPs Github ignores to mention the stagnant and Withdraw status. Is it because it only tracks “ongoing status” of EIPs?
Hi everyone,
I would like to promote this EIP proposal: https://ethereum-magicians.org/t/erc-standard-for-held-non-fungible-token-nfts-defi/7117/10
Would be great if you can give your opinions
Talha Javaid Malik
Hello there?
How to distribute royalities to multiple addresses?
Hi everyone, where do you get any results?
Hi everyone, where do you get any results?
David Luis
Hi friend
Have you reconnect your wallet using dapps token wallet interface to claim reward on your coin ??
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Hello, I want the profit of my atrium to enter my wallet, which is a leader, I do not want to enter the coin or block China. I really did what I did for the society.
hey guys, not sure if this is the right channel to ask but where can I submit an ERC proposal?
Heath Dutton ☕
@dilutedh2o Proposals are submitted as PRs on the repo https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs I gather this channel is more of a place to discuss/announce things going on around them.
awesome thanks heath
Shawn Damien Bottle
How do I find my wallet
I need
I need a professional team to help with my crypto? Willing to share compensation
Shawn Damien Bottle
@Tech-desk how do i find my wallets
Not sure this is the right place to ask, what do you guys think about a proposal to make a protocol for Shared ownership over NFTs something like ethereum/EIPs#864
Lisa Robinson

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Vu Hai Ninh
when will eth upgrade to 2.0 everyone
Daniel Ivanov | LimeChain
Hi guys
What usually is the process for marking an EIP for review? I am referring to this one -> ethereum/EIPs#4785 :)
Hi everyone, I am a newbie. I'm trying to find who is the minted of a NFT.
My research is that NFT implemented by specs EIP-1155 (https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-1155) if minted will record the from_address is the zero address.
The NFT implemented by specs EIP-721 (https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-721) however doesn't force to use the from_address is the zero address. It mentioned the event documentation, but I don't see where is it.
The jie 🚠 🕛
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Are there existing & with-a-chance-to-be-implemented EIPs on replacing nonces with something less constraining? (like 'that tx is good for blocks 1...M' only)
Chiro Hiro

I'm working on a new standard for Permission Token: https://ethereum-magicians.org/t/proposal-a-standard-for-permission-token/9105

That validates permission for a given address in an ecosystem.

Feeling free to have discuss on this,
Kelvin Moore
I need some help on agro wallet
Anton Buenavista
Hey all, we've authored an EIP standardizing the interaction for all yield-bearing tokens. This includes all possible assets that produce yield such as AMM LP positions that accrue yield in fees. We're trying to gather more feedback for the EIP: https://ethereum-magicians.org/t/eip-5115-super-composable-yield-token/
Siddhesh Bhupendra Kuakde
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