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Repo info
    hello, i am wang wei
    i don't know how to run that. if anyone knows, please let me know
    Chris Chinchilla
    @prettypanda0720-ww compile the contract, deploy and off you go
    where is this?
    James Zaki
    I've come here via studio.ethereum.org, and wondering where's the best place to ask about a removed-feature? (use injected web3 like in remix)
    Chris Chinchilla
    Hey guys, I'm using the claymore miner for etherium but the internal setting for a gpu usage limit does nothing. How can I force a gpu limit on it?
    Cristhian omar gonzalez garcia
    Hola soy nuevo por aquí
    Sam Richards
    Hey folks - just created this issue recommending we update the Whitepaper page on the GH wiki to https://ethereum.org/whitepaper/
    I welcome any input on the issue. Thanks in advance! ethereum/wiki#695
    Blessing CHINEDU
    Hello forks how can I build a blockchian
    Shane Fontaine
    I'd like access to edit the wiki (the "Contributing" section points here). Let me know what you need from me to get this going. Thank you!
    Chris Chinchilla

    @shanefontaine We’re still getting the contribution workflow in place for using the wiki.js interface, so for now, you can edit the file in the GitHub repo and that syncs changes.


    And thanks for your interest!
    How can I contract ropsten and main with studio.ethereum.org?
    I couldn't find an answer.
    I can't send a robsten and main contract.
    thank yo
    Chris Chinchilla
    Hey @ethdig at the moment studio is meant as a learning tool, so we just support Rinkeby. We will expand that in the future
    how to deploy contract to test network such as ropsten, i already install chrome plugin metamask
    I use studio.ethereum.org
    Chris Chinchilla
    @frehuang Please read the comment above. It;s planned
    who knows best about ethereum
    want to learn and am ready
    Chris Chinchilla
    @Nipataker I’d say start with the resources on ethereum.org :)
    اهلا، انا جديد هنا و لا اعرف كيفية ربح المال و احتاج
    مساعدة في هذا و شكرا جزيلا
    promise Ezeani
    Hi my group, am new . how can i increase my ethereum
    How to increase my ethereum
    hello guys
    ?ETH earn I can how .here new .hello
    ?ETH earn I can How .here New .Hello
    hey new on . how do I earn ETH?
    A. O. I
    How do I start?
    Same question here please
    Anybody knows which loop to go from here?
    David Murdoch
    Need to correct inaccuracy on https://eth.wiki/ How can I do this?
    Also, is there anything being done about replacing https://eth.wiki/ with something more usable, like maybe just switching back to the GitHub wiki? It is impressively slow and frustrating to use (example: animations when clicking on anchors in documentation).
    Chris Chinchilla

    @davidmurdoch you can either create an account and make changes, or you can make a PR here - https://github.com/ethereum/eth-wiki

    We haven't heard any other complaints about the speed and had to move away from the github wiki for many reasons. Do you have any more details?

    David Murdoch

    Hey @ChrisChinchilla, creating an account doesn't seem to allow users to edit the wiki; it just results in the error: "Unauthorized You cannot edit the page."

    About performance:

    https://eth.wiki/json-rpc/API takes more than 4 seconds to load on a 120Mbps connection on a machine with a Core i9 processor.

    It gets a 7 out of 100 on PageSpeed Insights for mobile, and 20/100 for Desktop (see: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Feth.wiki%2Fjson-rpc%2FAPI&tab=desktop)

    The same page hosted on github scored 74/100 and 99/100, respectively and takes under a second to completely load and render.

    Each linked rpc method takes about 2-3 seconds to load due to the scrolling animation.

    If you browse without JavaScript (in order to subvert the CPU-bound load time and scrolling animations) the page doesn't render at all.

    Hi how are you
    Mujeeb Rahman
    Hi there
    Ricardo Contreras