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Feb 2016
Hudson Jameson
Feb 28 2016 00:49
Alex Beregszaszi
Feb 28 2016 00:54
Feb 28 2016 12:03
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Great! I'm preparing a little survey on which components and standards are already in use and which are required or desired in the long term. Copying the reasoning from ethereum/research:

Why I think ethereum/ecosystem-standards would be useful and what kind of activities are necessary:

  • finding and creating applied and applicable standards for dapps and Web3 and mapping their progress
  • classifying Ethereum use cases and improving the documentation
  • creating an overview of the community and its long term interests

because it will

  • ease the development, integration and interoperation with other components in the spirit of the Ethereum vision
  • foster Ethereum/Web3 adoption and thus enable a decentralised internet of things and services based on open standards
  • promote the collaboration of stakeholders across different organisations
  • reduce uncertainty for developers and organisations unfamiliar to these paradigms

So all in all, definitely a high level overview of the ecosystem and a place for initial coordination of inter-project collaboration.

Feb 28 2016 12:11
I created this today: which will hopefully be helpful for beginners. Send me a message or pull request if something is missing!
Feb 28 2016 12:18

I want this survey to include all stages and an overview of their opportunities/limitations, here some examples:

Desirable standards/implementations:

Work in Progress:

Existing standards:
Ethereum Blockchain EVM

And first of all, I don't want this to become a one-man show ;) You are way more experienced developers than I am, so I might make false assumptions. Please correct me if I do so.
Feb 28 2016 12:30
One of the issues that are most interesting to me is which standards will be used to describe services when using Whisper and Swarm for communication (using the blockchain as API would not be desirable for some use cases, due to the high latency, transaction fees and privacy requirements). To make this more specific: It makes a lot of sense to reference a Swarm/IPFS name or hash instead of all endpoint information in a smart contract. But to keep all services using this approach interoperable, a common service description language and (meta-)protocol must be defined.
Not only could the Swarm object store endpoint and payment information, but also the contract source and compiler version at the time of the deployment.