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Mar 2016
Mar 16 2016 20:39
hey guys :) I'd like to talk about ethereum HD wallets
Mar 16 2016 21:34

lovely as lightwallet is, it messed us up really hard lol. different Android versions were coming up with different nodes. I'm guessing its something internal that they're relying on.

we were using it though, my main query was responded to in ethereum/general you'd like to get up to speed.

looks like ethereum-bip44 uses bitcore as well. bitcoinjs-lib is the one that we've not had issues with, if anyone's interested.
I'm working on it for Jaxx btw if anyone is curious :)
Mar 16 2016 22:39
Regarding my gist, would it make sense to use HTTP basic authentication instead of a custom field containing the signed payment statement?