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  • Sep 02 2018 10:49
    @holgerd77 banned @johnny_musk_twitter
Gabriel Rocheleau
Quick question: why isn't the "level" library not included by default in package.json?
Gabriel Rocheleau
It seems like I should instead use the "level-mem" library, which bundles level-up and memdown
Holger Drewes
Just published v3.0.0 or our devp2p library ethereumjs-devp2pon npm. This is the first official TypeScript release of the library. Special thanks to @dryajov for this huge rewrite (everything: sources , examples, tests) ❀ 🎉 as well as @PhilippLgh and @ryanio for their follow-up integration work!
Gabriel Rocheleau
Awesome, good to hear.
Are you planning on releasing v4.0.0 also? @ryanio mentioned that the 4.0 npm release was planned for this week.
Oh nvm, I thought you were talking about the Merkle Patricia Tree library
Ryan Ghods
@gabrocheleau yes we should be releasing that this week :)
Gabriel Rocheleau
Great, I should be able to finish the tutorial on MPT this week also.
Ryan Ghods
sounds great, looking forward to checking it out
Gabriel Rocheleau
Holger Drewes
Jut published v2.2.5 of the rlp library, this release adds support for native BigInts as an encoding input type.
@gabrocheleau That looks fantastic! :thumbsup: :smile: Feel free to open a PR towards the README linking your tutorial once v4 is out (maybe at the end of the Usage section would fit well?)
Holger Drewes
Just published ethereumjs-util v7.0.2 on npm. The release re-upgrades the BN.js re-export version to v5 after an import fix on interoperability issues between BN.js v5/v4 has been released. An upgrade is strongly recommended, v7.0.1 is marked as DEPRECATED now.
Gabriel Rocheleau

@gabrocheleau That looks fantastic! :thumbsup: :smile: Feel free to open a PR towards the README linking your tutorial once v4 is out (maybe at the end of the Usage section would fit well?)

Sure, I'll open a PR request once v4 is out! 2/3 of the blog posts currently linked are offline or use deprecated libraries.

is there some libs supporting WASM accelerated hd derivation (bip32/44)?

Hello everyone. Wanted to ask if somebody can point right direction to get emitted event data from JsVM smart contract execution.

I've seen that Remix IDE in JsVM mode is able to return event data, but was not able to find any example where such logic was explicit. Would appreciate suggestions. Thanks.

Sina Mahmoodi
Are you referring to logs or execution events like which opcode was executed etc.?
I'm referring to logs.
Sina Mahmoodi
If you're using runTx it returns an object res which has res.execResult.logs
Yes. Those a Buffer instances which are a bit not user-friendly. Is there any way to decode them to and display as common JavaScript (or JSON) object?

Let me clarify things a bit:

pragma solidity ^0.5.2;

contract SimpleStorage {
    uint storedData = 0;

    event SetNotification(uint val);

    function set(uint x) public returns (uint, uint) {
        storedData = x;

        emit SetNotification(storedData);

        return (111, 222);

    function get() public view returns (uint) {
        return storedData;

When we call set(123) and emit SetNotification event, is there any direct way to get

    "from": "0x3b06361579e400227d09ef0c197a461f505f66f5",
    "topic": "0x2741a8eb6930759e133b1a5261f1e4eb0fa83ea4fe572c39f335a714cefc1a3c",
    "event": "SetNotification",
    "args": {
        "0": "123",
        "val": "123",
        "length": 1

Via JsVM and utilities out of the box?

Sina Mahmoodi
The VM only works on raw values. each log in the list above is in the form [fromAddress, [topics], encodedData]
So it seems to be some top-level funtionality then. Thanks, I will investigate a bit more.
Sina Mahmoodi
It doesn't have access to some information like the event name (we can't revert the hash to get the preimage). I'm not sure how solidity encodes the args, if its ABI there's also an ABI library

@s1na You saved my day. So, the first topic is the hashed event name or signature. This can be precomputed to then match hash of first log topic (if the log belongs to event). Data payload of log can also be decoded, when we do have event signatures.

Thank you very much.

Holger Drewes

Hi @/all,
this channel has been moved over to Discord and we will therefore close the channel here.

The new Discord Server from the EF JavaScript Team has channels on the following projects

  • EthereumJS
  • Grid
  • Ethers
  • Web3.js

... as well as some dedicated topic channels like VM, stateless or eth2.

You are all very much invited to join. Here is the invitation link: https://discord.gg/TNwARpR

See you on Discord! đŸŒ» 😃

The EF JavaScript Team

This channel has been closed. Please don't further comment here.


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Could you hint me how to get current block (timestamp) of Remix VM? Trying different stuff like web3.eth.blockNumber with and without async, but without luck yet. Totally newbie embarrassing question, sorry; but can't find a manual or examples with typical Remix console things.
Hi guys! Can someone explain how to write hardhat task with etherjs to interact with my smart contract. I've read official docs of hardhat, and there is weak example of it. I need simple example of sending any funds to contract. plz)
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Can anyone please expalin what ethereumjs-common is used for?
Peerzada Zeeshan
hey guys can anyone help me in this. This is the image where compiler shows error https://ibb.co/XxXK3vZ. and the error it shows is this https://ibb.co/GQKrGr0
thanks in advance.
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hi! i've had a @ethereumjs/trie issue I've been trying to figure out. I'm almost surely using the library the wrong way. As an exercise i'm trying to prove the the transaction root hash in a block by constructing a the PMT out of serialized transactions. My current understanding is the trie.root is the root hash of the underlying trie. I can't get them to match. code bellow. Any insight would be greatly appreciated
const {Level} = require("level");
const {SecureTrie:Trie} = require("@ethereumjs/trie");
const {
    AccessListEIP2930Transaction: EIP2930Transaction,
    FeeMarketEIP1559Transaction: EIP1559Transaction,
    Transaction: LegacyTransaction,
} = require("@ethereumjs/tx");

const {rlp, keccak} = require("ethereumjs-util");
const ethers = require("ethers");
const path = require("path");

const dbPath = path.resolve("./","db");

const db = new Level(dbPath);
const trie = new Trie(db);

const blockHash = "0x25c875ae44183a53c8c090a085347869dc95282727bf33dff3880f475a00e3e7";

    const provider = new ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider();

    // provider.getBlock() is not the complete object returned
    const block = await provider.send("eth_getBlockByHash",[ blockHash, true ]);
    await Promise.all[block.transactions.map((tx, i) => 
            new Promise((resolve)=> {
                let TransactionClass;
                switch (tx.type){
                    case '0x2':
                    case '0x1':
                    case '0x0':

                // console.log(`${tx.transactionIndex} === ${ i} ; ${rlp.encode(tx.transactionIndex).toString('hex')} === ${ rlp.encode(i).toString('hex')} ;`)
                // console.log(TransactionClass.fromTxData(tx).serialize())

$50 item. A steady income of $0.64 per day. A steady income of $19.2 per month.
$200 item. The daily steady income is $3.22. Stable monthly income of $96.60.
$500 item. The steady income is $8.45 per day. Stable monthly income of $253.50.
$2000 project. The daily steady income is $35.2. Stable monthly income of $1056.
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Are anyone able to successfully send transactions using the FeeMarketEIP1559Transaction?
I'm getting "insufficient funds" and i've tried everything....