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hallo, I have a question: I need to get the list of subdomain for a domain.eth, and I need to do it via contract. the contract will then produce a json output for me. I don't understand where subdomains are stored and how to pull them. Thanks in advance
Makoto Inoue
Hello, routine reminder that our support channel is migrating into https://discord.gg/AskZbFx
Nick Johnson
@maxxflyer It's not possible to enumerate subdomains onchain. Why do you need to do this in a contract?
Nick Johnson

Support for ENS has moved to our Discord. Please join us at https://discord.gg/AskZbFx

David Portabella
@Arachnid , it should be possible to enumerate subdomains by looking at all the transactions on the resolver(s), right? (costly, but possible)
David Portabella

I bought a 7 letter ENS domain name on mainnet using myetherwallet.com (it costed 0.034 ETH (0.02 ETH + transaction fee) = 7.17 EUR).

How I buy a ENS domain name on ropsten?

Nick Johnson
@dportabella Best to ask these questions on the Discord.
hi there
how can I set up the resolver on the ENS smart contract for some ENS domaisn
any link for a youTube? someone helped me before but for some reason, the ENS domain is not working or accepting transfers....
Hi, what is the role for a Controller? What can he/she do?
@chihaopoon_twitter this channel has moved to discord https://discord.gg/AskZbFx


Contract Address: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

ABI: http://api.etherscan.io/api?module=contract&action=getabi&address=0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000&format=raw

Spender address (migration contract): 0x3c75d37b579e0e4896f02c0122baa4de05383a6a

“value:uint256” 8401000000000000000000

“Write”,“Generate transaction”,“Send transaction”


im on step 3 of my domain registration however it wont let me past step 2
i click the button, money goes out my metamask and i get notifications saying transaction failed, ive repeated this process a couple times and have now money......
Ian Thuillier
Does it normally take hours before you can register an ens domain name for the first time?
@ThuillierIan_twitter this channel has moved to discord https://discord.gg/AskZbFx
earthe:matrix.org @earthe:matrix.org sniffs
thanks Wessel for your help getting this working.
Charles Marino

@charlesmarino hey, is this bigmoney.eth?

i think i did that buy that at some point lol. how do you know that

Sam Lavery
it's bigmmoney.elections
Smart Tech Amit
Vincent J.
hey guys, how does one point multiple addresses to a single ENS?
as a reverse
Vincent J.
is there a wayto point multiple addresses to the same name? (reverse)
Support for ENS has moved to our Discord. Please join us at https://discord.gg/AskZbFx
Dmitry Vann

Hello - Looking for Solidity Development Projects,

I'm a Solidity Developer and 8+ years experience with programming languages including Javascript/C++/Typescript/Python/Ruby.

I learned the Udemy Course "Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer's Guide" about 2 years ago.
I'm a full-time developer so I can work for over 8 hours a day and even on weekends if you need.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

Marko Nalis
Hi does anybody have 16 Görli Eth I would need it for a big demo/test coming up. All the faucet do not work.
Address: 0x6AE07bB746714Bf679e2ea72360aD8f55784cf37
@Michael1104Smith please send me a dm and I’d be happy to discuss solidity work
3 replies
NFT World
I am trying to get some Rinkeby testnet eth for last 2 days but getting insufficient gas + price error in the faucet. Can anyone please help to send some eth to my address to continue my testing?
Brian Soule
I will pay for testnet eth
We are really sorry for your inconvenience with your ether wallet kindly contact eth@consultant.com for any help
How can i get ENS?
Peter Haas
@Frank48210061_twitter You need an account at a crypto exchange and then you buy ENS. Or use a MyCrypto e.g. as a wallet and it helps to buy token.
Trevor K Smith
I purchased some domains when ENS launched. My domains are surely all expired by now, but is there i way i can claim the ETH i had staked for the domains? or is that gone too
Try to ask on discord channels (https://discord.gg/ens)
Yokymia Roberts
How this works I want to claim someone reward
Wei-Ning Huang
Hi, I haven't been using ENS for a long time, and I found my old ENS records are not being resolved correctly
Checking the ens webapp, the ENS showed up as registered, but it shows 'No address found' for registrant
another one:
The UI doesn't even allow me to migrate the resolver
Does anyone know how to fix this?