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Dave Appleton
I know I asked this sometime back but I can't find the answer...
Can somebody point me to how to renew / migrate a domain name that is registered to a multisig?
I see this message
Dave Appleton
Also - any idea why a renewal could be reverted?
I'm trying to register an ens name. I paid from the "request to register" first step the transsaction was verified but nothing more happened and I can't continue to the second step. Can anybody help me, please?
Pooja Shah
Hi there! New to the ENS world, and I just purchased a couple domains a few days ago. Now, while logged into my MetaMask wallet, I see "No Accounts" at app.ens.domains. Do you know how I can fix this? I've already tried closing the window, logging into/out of MetaMask multiple times, quitting Chrome, etc -- all to no avail
Pooja Shah
@pkshah_gitlab After some sleuthing, it turns out that having both Dapper and MetaMask wallets confuses the ENS app. I ended up uninstalling Dapper and the ENS web app was happy again
Ganesh Prasad Kumble
Hi folks, registering my first ENS here :sunglasses:
I click on "Request to register" and signed the first transaction.
It's been more than 11 minutes, but the transaction is still pending
when i was migrating my domain's resolver from the old one to the new public resolver, there was a error as shown on the image, and the trans failed. Anyone can help me ?
It seems like it was caused by the network issue. but i'm not sure
Omidiora Samuel
Is there a proposal for privacy in ENS?
The old ens names all show expiration date: 2020.05.04 at 02:00 Does it mean, any non-renewed name could be registered right after the expiry? Or is there any waiting / grace period?
Samuele Agostinelli

Does ENS supports IPNS?

On https://app.ens.domains/, I was able to link my domain to an IPFS hash. However, I can't seem to be able to link to an IPNS.

Are only IPFS hashes supported?

not all names expire on 2020-05-04
You can register an ENS for only a month
There is a waiting time before an ENS is available again
There is a “grace period” of 90 days after your name expires.you can renew the name to retain ownership of it during the grace periods
Jim McDonald
@SamueleA IPNS is supported, but I don't think the app provides an interface for it. If you're okay with command line you can use Ethereal https://github.com/wealdtech/ethereal
Buenas noches, tengo una duda, si alguien puede contestarme se lo agradeceré muchísimo.
Creo que el día 5mayo, comienzan las renovaciones de los dominios,,
Hay un periodo de unos días o debe ser, la renovación exacta en el momento indicado??
Muchísimas gracias
Muy bien., hay 90 días perfecto
Muy muy amables, gracias
TechMentaL Media
My ENS / MetaMask all of a sudden is not going through its just hanging there tuning its wheel forever (TX Pending). Whether I'm editing a record, resetting a resolver or renewing or registering an ENS. Any idea how I can troubleshoot this? Thanx!
Hello friends, who knows the registered address of contracts ENS in Kovan test network?
Jay Freeman (saurik)
so how exactly does reverse resolution work with respect to this recent migration? as an example, I have a contract at 0x267bb56749249cf7c9425e9ac6bf2d31cdc2e661 which called .claim() on what is now the "old" reverse registrar, 0x9062C0A6Dbd6108336BcBe4593a3D1cE05512069. when I go to https://app.ens.domains/name/267bb56749249cf7c9425e9ac6bf2d31cdc2e661.addr.reverse it tells me that this name needs to be migrated, but that "only the parent of this name (addr.reverse) can do this". is reverse resolution just not really supported across this migration? did I do something wrong when I created this contract, and if so how should I do things differently for future contracts?
JungHwan Tony Yun
Which version or commit hash of ens registry(https://github.com/ensdomains/ens) has been deployed on the mainnet? https://etherscan.io/address/0x00000000000c2e074ec69a0dfb2997ba6c7d2e1e
ENS 官方团队最新文章:Rocket LP DAO 发放了世界上第一笔由 ENS 抵押的贷款
@Thunnini Deployed in the Ethereum is smart contracts, and those contracts have not changed since the deployment on 0x00000000000c2e074ec69a0dfb2997ba6c7d2e1e. So, for now, no matter which version you used after the deployment, the contracts of the code is consistent.
JungHwan Tony Yun
@ensuser So, I want to work with the exact same version of deployed ens contract. I am making the contract communicating with the ENS registry. So, I want to match my local development environment with the actually submitted contract as much as possible. I am wondering exactly what version was deployed.
Hi, approximately how much more time do ENS owners from the initial registrar have to migrate to the permanent registrar? It’s my understanding that the approximate date is sometime this May
Bruno Caldeireiro
hey, I can't release my name, always getting Error: Network error: gas required exceeds allowance (9979548) or always failing transaction
I'm the owner of the name https://etherscan.io/enslookup?q=epstrom.eth, but using the ENS app my address appears as controller
@itsmeeseeks It looks like you have until May 3 to renew your ENS domains before they are released. I believe that they automatically migrated most or all of the accounts to the permanent registrar already, but the original registrations end May 3 unless they are renewed. You can renew them from https://app.ens.domains/
@Thunnini Any version after Feb 5th is OK.
HI! Sorry but I wanna ask a question. Does ens owner have the exclusive right to renew until 2nd Aug (during the Grace period)? Can someone else register the ens name after 2nd Aug?
It will be done before
Brantly Millegan
FYI, we have an email list now: https://ensdomains.substack.com/p/coming-soon
@brantlymillegan HI! Sorry but I wanna ask a question. Does ens owner have the exclusive right to renew until 2nd Aug (during the Grace period)? Can someone else register the ens name after 2nd Aug?