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Sebastian Jylanki
Now I upgraded to the latest version (1.10.3). Can I sync the chain from where I left off or do I need to restart syncing from scratch?
I'm getting Resuming state snapshot generation and Aborting state snapshot generation messages.
I also get Imported new chain segment messages.
eth_syncing JSON RPC call returns None, meaning not syncing. However, the state is all messed up, unusable.
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Dimitri Saingre
Hi all, I have a question about Ethereum data storage: are both transactions and state stored in the same database (in .ethereum/geth/chaindata folder ?)? Can I measure space taken by state data only (without counting space taken by transactions nor storage)?

<Ori Pomerantz> I need help. How do I calculate logsHash? I know it is keccak256(rlp(<list of log entries>)), but how do I get the format for log entries? These code fragments seem relevant, but I don't know how to interpret them:

LogsHash:    rlpHash(statedb.Logs()),

Is how it gets logsHashes.

func (s *StateDB) Logs() []*types.Log {
 var logs []*types.Log
 for _, lgs := range s.logs {
  logs = append(logs, lgs...)
 return logs

I assume this creates a list of logs

return types.Log{
  Address:     common.HexToAddress("0x0"),
  Topics:      topics,
  Data:        hexutil.MustDecode(hexData),
  BlockNumber: uint64(26),
  TxHash:      txHash,
  TxIndex:     111,
  BlockHash:   common.BytesToHash([]byte{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}),
  Index:       7,
  Removed:     false,

I know that the log entries have Address, Topics, and Data, but I tried all six permutations and didn't get correct results.

func rlpHash(x interface{}) (h common.Hash) {
 hw := sha3.NewLegacyKeccak256()
 rlp.Encode(hw, x)
 return h

I assume this just calculates keccak256(rlp(h))

Nam Trần Thanh
Hello guys, need someone who can give me some advices about the topic of a project. I don't have any idea.
I used to use ethereum from 2016 - 2018. I am thinking of returning. I heard it all changed a lot. After 2018 I worked mostly with Hyperledger Fabric. Are there are good resources for getting up to speed with Ethereum in 2021?
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hi, running geth full node ver. 1.10.2-stable
stack with peerCount: 16
add peers manually, no success. peerCount remains 16
please help to fix the problem
Kamin Prommas

So er... I'm using Geth ver 1.9.20 in my local network, with PoA clique, and it doesn't seem like the flag --gasprice actually set the minimum gas price.
For example if I set --miner.gasprice to 1, when I send a transaction with 0 gas it still goes through (Using metamask).
Is there any reason or configuration somewhere else that might interfere with this? That I may have missed?

gas limit in genesis //seems unlikely (currently set it to 80000000)
geth version?
the 0x0000000000 signer bug?
or the clique itself
Seriously have no idea what could cause this problem, any help would be appreciated...

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Question for the devs: In state_transition.go, the function TransitionDb(). The return value is a slice of bytes. What exactly does that represent? Is there any map for the format of the contents?
Dror Bletter
hi i'm running latest stable version, my geth crashes every once in a while because of out of memory
that's my cmdline - ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/geth --nousb --http --http.addr --http.port 8545 --http.api personal,eth,net,web3 --datadir /storage --cache 10000
root@ip-172-31-0-212:~# free -mh
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 15G 14G 154M 175M 1.0G 696M
Swap: 0B 0B 0B
are we allowed to complain about BSC Geth in here?
Petrovichev Sergey
Hello, after the Berlin update, the ether node was re-synced, and frozen transactions were found. I don’t know for what reason, but they had the wrong nonce, so these transactions were canceled. But after the cancellation procedure (we used the trick with sending 0 ether), they hang in the waiting status for quite a long time, for more than an hour. Should I be worried or should I wait?
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Bret Carpenter
Ali Gordon
Hey everyone, I'm a bit lost and looking for some advice on purchases coin not showing in my trust wallet... any advice on what to do? I'm very new to this...
Karl Anthony B. Baluyot
Hello. I've been maintaining a geth private-ethereum network. What is the best way to separate the production and staging environment? Right now our staging and production are using the same contract address and smart contract ... Thank yo u

hi all, i need help.

I have the mainnet node
It is running with the following geth execution command.
(geth v1.10.2)

 ./geth \
--rpc \
--rpcaddr "" \
--rpc.allow-unprotected-txs \
--rpcport 8000 \
--datadir "/ethereum-data" \
--maxpeers 50 \
--cache=4096 \
--rpcapi "eth,web3,debug" \
--txpool.accountslots 500 \
--txpool.globalslots 50000 \
--txpool.locals "0xabc...,0xdef..."

If multiple attempts are made to propagate a transaction using rpc calls to the node, sometimes the transaction disappears.

In this case, my solution is to turn off the node and run it again. If run it again, the lost transaction will be propagated again.

Could you please tell me a solution to this problem?

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Italo Casas
Hi everyone, when building go-ethereum I seeing this error
# gopkg.in/olebedev/go-duktape.v3
In file included from _cgo_export.c:4:
debugger.go:23:13: warning: unused function '_duk_debugger_attach' [-Wunused-function]
# github.com/karalabe/usb
vendor/github.com/karalabe/usb/hid_enabled.go:22:10: fatal error: './hidapi/hidapi/hidapi.h' file not found
#include "./hidapi/hidapi/hidapi.h"
1 error generated.
I'm new in the codebase, trying to see if someone is familiar with this error
Valentin Secades Mendez
Hi guys. Need a bit of help with this:
Error: The following arguments were not expected: -p
The above when trying to mine
Dani Gorbaciov
Valentin Secades Mendez
All right, figured myself out.
Adam Saparudin
anyone know why elapsed time download latest block take long time? more than 10seconds


New to geth and Eth in general I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers on how I can use Geth to track specific transactions in the mempool. At the moment I'm thinking the place I need to go to is the txpool Namespace, but that returns a firehose of data which is not what I'm looking for

Bret Carpenter
0x9c532d971a02e80856520e83c1bcf8830abef446 a thief hacker operi into MyEtherWallet and NetMask together ! Warn!
Would anyone know how to simulate a smart contract call before calling it? I am only interested in if it fails or not.
I've been looking at backends.SimulatedBackend, but I am not quite sure
https://etherscan.io/address/0x26eab902725342208bc79c5bfa2c5fe795f7aed6 Hello everyone, why does this address only transfer out but not transfer in? Where does the ether for this account come from?
1 reply
@fastd:matrix.org Sorry I sent the wrong address, what I want to say is this address
Why only transfer out and not transfer in
Can someone help me? thank you very much
Why doesn't the number of transactions match?
1 reply
Thank you very much for your help, I am a novice, thank you
I am not the person to ask to be honest
thank you
If I read internal transactions, do I still need to read the contract code?