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Dave Appleton
NVM - 1.4 still has issues, 10.3 we need to use bind.NewKeyedTransactorWithChainID
Hamed Ariyapour
hey who are you
Looking for unique and simple ETH address instead of long complicated address? Check out this ETH domain name (sendthateth.eth) in opensea.com
hello friend
I am a react developer.
Blockchain & Smart Contract developer
what is it?
3 replies
hi all, posted this in remix channel too, so I couldnt connect remix to ganache since it forced https, so I followed https://geth.ethereum.org/docs/getting-started/dev-mode up to geth attach <IPC_LOCATION> - now the connection to https://remix.ethereum.org/ is refused on my chrome / brave browser; I am able to connect to remix.ethereum.org on safari fine. Anyway to solve this?
Hello. I want to sync BSC, but it show "Looking for peers" and not sync.
Does anyone know this solution?
who know dev-wallet?
Does truffle internally use geth to create private chain
Tug Witt
are there any resources for how to migrate from the old ethash (https://github.com/ethereum/ethash/) to the new github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/consensus/ethash?
it doesnt seem like theres a place to verify mixhash/nonce like you can in the old ethash (https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/consensus/ethash)
this is needed specifically for a custom pool in go and i want to verify a miner's work before i submit it via RPC
can anyone help in comparing a bytes32 value with a string ?
0x5bda7162b84dff721bcb8f777278b488ded8d1475264d4361c6b0abfcc2a99a8 (type string)
0x5bda7162b84dff721bcb8f777278b488ded8d1475264d4361c6b0abfcc2a99a8 (type bytes32)
now Solidity does not allow explicit conversion and there seems no way to compare them .. any one please help.

Hi Guys, I got a simple question

The Transaction object in go ethereum doesn't seem to have a from address so where do I get it from?

Also what function of Transaction struct I need to call to get input? is transaction.Data()
It appears to be encoded with other data in the input.
what function i need to call to decode?
how do I use abi to decode input or is there any other easier way?
Actually I just need the from just like JSON RPC API . somehow, with ethclient in golang not sure how to achieve
tried this already
msg, err := transaction.AsMessage(types.NewEIP155Signer(transaction.ChainId()), nil)
I get this
2021/07/05 05:20:40 transaction type not supported
so is there any easy way to get from?

i have a question on pendingTransactions API
This line on the geth code


Why is this API only display the pending transactions of the accounts local to the node? Whats the reasoning behind this?

@BlockXXebu I am not an ethereum expert however I believe pending transactions are always local to a node because of gossip protocol and decentralized nature. other words, there isn't a way to get a global snapshot of all ethereum nodes running all over the world
when a transaction hits a particular node, it will broadcast to its peers (I think in ethereum case it is about 8 or 11 other peers) and those peers will broadcast to their peers and so on..so pending transaction at any give time is going to be different across nodes
what is the difference between txpool vs pending transaction returned by ethclient.TransactionByHash?

thanks for the answer @kant777
my question now is, how did etherscan did it to display pending transactions? I believe eth_pendingTransactions is no longer usable as it is also removed in the RPC API definition here

I assume they use subscribe, filter or websockets right?

@BlockXXebu I stumbled upon the same link yesterday. And looks like it is not documented in that link see here https://geth.ethereum.org/docs/rpc/pubsub
Hi guys, I've setup a Geth node for the first time and it's working fine
but I'm really confused about one thing to do with my node
The txpool is filled with transactions from 2 different addresses
as in the txpool queue and txpool pending are mainly full with transactions from just 2 addresses, which seems odd to me
is there a way to limit the number of pending/queued transactions a single address can have?
Tengfei Niu
Hey guys, I don't know if it's the right place to ask, what's the limit of calldata' size?
How to disable logging of WARN: Served eth_call ...?
I guess its rpc/handler.go, tried --vmodule=api=0,rpc=0 - no luck
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That's terrible. I saw a couple of guys offering 2 ETH for anyone who sends 1 ETH to their address. Yeah, check them out. lol.

That's terrible. I saw a couple of guys offering 2 ETH for anyone who sends 1 ETH to their address. Yeah, check them out. lol.

thank you


Hi all! Running a Geth PoA (Clique) node - private chain on AWS.

upon reboot have lost last 6 weeks worth of blocks (about 1.5m blocks) - my understanding this is due to our blocks being lightweight enough to be stored in cache, it seems current workaround people use is to gracefully restart nodes on daily basis to make sure they dump state from RAM to HD

anyway, on the same node after reboot keeps repeating "😱 block lost" messages

Google hasn't rendered anything useful. Has anyone stumbled upon same issue?

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