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  • Mar 06 21:48
    Travis ethersocialcoin/go-esc (develop) errored (1119)
can someone transfer me ether on the rinkeby network: 0x8eD4ACd7a2e9e1Ab954Fe00353EBfF8430A2Ca73?
all the faucets dont work:(
François-René Rideau
The social faucet works. https://faucet.rinkeby.io/
that faucet is dead:( i still cant start with developing....
5 replies
or it seems dead, but i still dont have enough for deploying acontract
François-René Rideau
use your own private chain
<MariusVanDerWijden> @cyphix You should have 1TB SSD and 8GB RAM for a full node to run, minimum is 512GB SSD and 4GB RAM but I would recommend the former
Hi everyone, I'm trying to monitor geth nodes using ELK, is their any way to contract geth logs into json format ?
what causes the error missing trie node when trying to fork geth to ganache?
Hi guys
I want to setup private clique network on aws ,
so how can i connect to my geth instance using API or web socket
i Use this command to start instance
geth --datadir node1/ --syncmode 'full' --port 30311 --nat extip: --http --http.addr '' --http.port 8501 --http.api 'admin,debug,web3,eth,txpool,personal,clique,miner,net' --ws --ws.addr --ws.port 8601 --ws.api 'personal,eth,net,web3,txpool,miner' --ws.origins "*" --bootnodes 'enode://adfea37515c7ec3d2c111a5dd3f97cd3c300290bdc562bee5289873ff45ab165d9a456c238db06b0c8044780b2d153d64f6c882ce942e2e292124d751b55f719@' --networkid 1234 --miner.gasprice '1' --unlock 0x96186DBB9561D20Ef33bb3571d4e135c5bEC3F43 --password node1/password.txt --nousb --allow-insecure-unlock --mine
another problem bootnode not connect also
if i change my syncmode from FAST to FULL does it resync everything?
@MohamedDenta: What are the characteristics of your instance on AWS?
1 reply
i sent eth but its pinding after i check transaction on etherescan i seen reciever address is same wallet address and after 2 days stile pinding after i cancel but again is stile pinding
what happened to my money transaction can be cancel or no what i do ?
see image i no have option to cancel or add more fee for cancel
Barkha Jasani
hey guys I am facing issues running my blockchain after 76700+ blocks
is it because one of my miner accounts balance is 0 at the moment
I'm getting this error while debugging conn=inbound err="Network ID mismatch - 56 (!= xxx)"
if i run this command.... eth.syncing it gives me false
in miner nodes
instance: Geth/v1.9.25-stable-e7872729/linux-amd64/go1.15.6
eth.mining gives true
Guys, In a private chain, nodes are not broadcasting transactions, They were successfully doing it earlier but now only some of the tx's get broadcasted. (Gas fees is certainly not the issue).
Geth version 1.7.3
I offer a bounty of 0.1 Ethereum. Guys please help
Oleg Abrosimov
Hi, I need a workaround for this issue please: ethereum/go-ethereum#22409
When the transition to ETH2 is planned?
Geth and openethereum will support it?
and by the way Release Geth Pangaea Expanse (v1.10.0)
Oleg Abrosimov
No 1.10.0 package for groovy. Is it an expected behaviour?
if problem we meet in ethereum transaction where is support of ethereum for open ticket and fix it ?
Use the same nonce 1, @TarrahArshad
hi folks is --datadir.ancient the location for archive data?
or a better question - is there a flag or setting where i can specify where i want my archive data saved?
this detail is unclear in any docs
Derrick Hsiao
how can I fix this?
'''Fatal: invalid genesis file: EOF'''
I have a similar question where to store a private key on the VPS if you write --keystore "/home/abc/.ethereum/keystore/dont_put_secret_files_here_ever"
Charlie Lye
Hi all. I'm running a geth node in AWS. The chaindata is on a gp3 volume with maximum IOPS and throughput (recently upgraded, previously was gp2). The upgrade has made no difference but when making a eth_getLogs call from block 0, it basically can't respond. If i set the from block to by 1m blocks ago, I get a response after about 30 seconds. This doesn't seem right no? I've got --cache 8192 but that didn't help either. Is this just the state of the chain now, or is something misconfigured?
2 replies
Hi all. I'm running geth noede and try to deply smart contrat..
I call DeployContractAndWaitForReceiptAsync and get exception:
Method not found: 'Nethereum.Contracts.Services.EthApiContractService Nethereum.Web3.Web3.get_Eth()