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everything is ok ?

Hii all, I have created a POA network with the help of this "https://hackernoon.com/setup-your-own-private-proof-of-authority-ethereum-network-with-geth-9a0a3750cda8" and now I want to create a dockerfile for my private network and I am new in all this.
This is my Dockerfile :

FROM ubuntu:18.04
RUN apt-get update \
&& apt-get install -y wget software-properties-common \
&& rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
WORKDIR "/project/devnet"
RUN add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethereum/ethereum
ARG binary
RUN apt-get update \
&& apt-get install -y ethereum
CMD nohup exec geth --datadir node1/ --syncmode 'full' --port 20211 --rpc --rpcaddr '' --rpcport 8505 --rpcapi 'personal,db,eth,net,web3,txpool,miner' --bootnodes 'enode://91a11f746dff781da2ae561b9d90b4fc5761cbe84cd2377c81832142483cbde14b22ea81bedwqwfwefwfwefw9d86b0575ba7a3e6194cc0ed1c@' --networkid 2021 --gasprice '1' --"allow-insecure-unlock" -unlock '0x29D7f50eF6006F4dFba068b66b853e7a0a9ee0da' --password node1/password.txt --mine &

EXPOSE 20211

It gives an error " ERROR[01-09|10:32:40.097] Failed to enumerate USB devices hub=trezor vendor=21324 failcount=3 err="failed to initialize libusb: libusb: unknown error [code -99]"
When I run docker-compose up

is it possible to know how many blocks are mined for a specific event?

For example:

event Transfer( address indexed from, address indexed to, uint256 value);

When i use the function bellow, i have all 'Transfer' events, but i dont know how to get the total number of blocks, because it return me the blocks and his numbers (the blocks can be numbers : 1, 5, 7, 9), so i would like to know the number 4, because i have 4 blocks.

fromBlock: param.fromBlock,
toBlock: 'latest'


Marouen Dbouba
Hello World

I am trying to limit queued transactions in terms of waiting time (using --txpool.lifetime ) and in terms of number (using --txpool.globalqueue) but nothing works,

I am using PoA with geth, I want to limit queued transactions (transactions with high nonce) in txpool.

Anyone can help me to deal with that?


Hello everyone,

I am new here and to Blockchain technology, so I have some tricky questions for you :).

If I want to save data, for example transactions between two, on the Blockchain.

  1. Is it possible to save only the hash on the blockchain and the rest on a cloud?
  2. If I save the hash of the data on the Blockchain, is the data still as save as saving all the data on the Blockchain?
  3. What else than saving storage is the difference between saving only the hash and saving all the data on the Blockchain?

I also got some questions concerning smart contracts. For the case that I want a fully automated documentation of transactions between two.

  1. Is it possible to create the smart contract on a cloud and save the hash on the blockchain?
  2. Does this have any disadvantage? Will the transactions still be recorded as save as on the blockchain?

I would be very glad, if you could answer my questions :)


Tudor Anastasiu
  1. That would be impossible because the blockchain has to contain all the data necessary to validate the blocks offline.
Tengfei Niu
Hi guys, any examples of using precompiled contracts? Or how to make my own precompiled contracts and use it in my private chain?
https://gist.github.com/spartucus/781ab57eee0e8699d15e112b32334213 This is my code, and it is not right when i call hello.say() in attach command line.
Osoian Marcel
Hello guys
ERROR[01-13|08:19:30.575] Section processing failed type=bloombits error="canonical block #9069000 unknown"
My node is geth light (latest version)
Is this error related to hard fork? Do you have same problem?
Also, my node (geth light) last time has low number of peers (1-3 peers). It may be a problem on my side or the problem is related to light network (as I understood, the light network is different from main network).
Hi guys,
Who can provide some hints of handle data off-chain? It’s real-time that mean handle unclue/fork.
article, docs, github etc...
It’s better if easy to implement. I can read nodejs/ts and java
I aggregate some data as result and it's awayls newest
like etherscan's user balance of erc20, but i don’t understand it’s logic.
also i don’t aggreagate erc20’s balance, so can’t use etherscan’s APIs.
Hi guys, what's the magic numbers meaning of 27 or 28 in VRS ( use to ecrover the sender) ? why not 0 or 1?
Michael Egorov
Looks like new geth stopped syncing from light nodes (if I remove lightchaindata) on Goerli. I even started 2 support full nodes to let other geth connect to them through StaticNodesm but that doesn't help.
How to debug?
Osoian Marcel
@michwill In my case it works, but it is unstable (after 1-3 days the client goes down with error message: no suitable peers available)
Is there a service (infura, alchemy, etc.) that uses geth as a backend instead of parity?
Michael Egorov
@OsoianMarcel thing is: I am running 2 peers which serve LES, and I added them to StaticNodes. And that doesn't help anymore
Ok, just started syncing, but idk why it didn't with my peers being explicitly specified
Feliciano Mazoio

Hello! I'm having trouble mining in my private ethereum blockchain. I created an account, unlocked it using personal.unlockAccount(eth.coinbase).
After unlocking it, i run miner.start() and simply the output of the blockchain is :

INFO [01-14|23:01:16.102] Commit new mining work                   number=1 sealhash=fcfb5f…ebee20 uncles=0 txs=0 gas=0 fees=0 elapsed=117.395µs
INFO [01-14|23:01:22.755] Generating DAG in progress               epoch=0 percentage=0 elapsed=5.895s
INFO [01-14|23:01:28.625] Generating DAG in progress               epoch=0 percentage=1 elapsed=11.765s
INFO [01-14|23:01:34.208] Generating DAG in progress               epoch=0 percentage=2 elapsed=17.348s
INFO [01-14|23:01:40.062] Generating DAG in progress               epoch=0 percentage=3 elapsed=23.202s
INFO [01-14|23:01:46.582] Generating DAG in progress               epoch=0 percentage=4 elapsed=29.722s
INFO [01-14|23:01:52.439] Generating DAG in progress               epoch=0 percentage=5 elapsed=35.579s

My account balance is always the same, 0:
Here is my genesis.json configuration file:

    "config": {  
        "chainId": 987, 
        "homesteadBlock": 0,
        "eip155Block": 0,
        "eip158Block": 0
    "difficulty": "0x400",
    "gasLimit": "0x8000000",
    "alloc": {

Feliciano Mazoio
Tengfei Niu
How to detect a node is a full node instead of light node?
Muhammad Yasir
hello all !
has anyone used Clef in their DApp ?
Paranoid Nakamoto
can anyone help me with this issue:
Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-17 um 22.42.03.png
Transactions create with apis? How can do that?
Dani Gorbaciov
Looks like abigen go-bindings have changed. The official docs still show the old way - https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/wiki/native-dapps:-go-bindings-to-ethereum-contracts
If you see the file linked - https://gist.github.com/karalabe/5839509295afa4f7e2215bc4116c7a8f - we see the following method - func (_Token *TokenCaller) Name(opts *bind.CallOpts) (string, error). However, with geth 1.9 abigen, the method turns into func (_Erc20 *Erc20Transactor) Name(opts *bind.TransactOpts) (*types.Transaction, error)
CallOpts has become TransactOpts. I don't think I am reading it right. We don't need to do a transaction read the name of the contract right?
What is the way of reading the information from the contract with the newer versions of abigen?
The return type generated is also Transaction instead of string for a simple name read
The file was generated using the command ~/go/bin/abigen --abi=build/TknContract.abi --bin=build/TknContract.bin --pkg=tkn --out=tkn.go
Amit Kumar

Hi all

I am facing this issue : trufflesuite/truffle#677
Please help where i can find "parity call" to set mentioned variables.

Thorkil Værge
I am trying to sync. Currently knownStates is 393,005,327. Does anyone know how much I am missing?
currentBlock: 9344834,
highestBlock: 9344943,
knownStates: 393005327,
pulledStates: 392993443,
startingBlock: 9344496
Thorkil Værge
Found some good stats here. I expect that we have less than 48 hours remaining. ethereum/go-ethereum#14647

I'm looking for resources to understand the difference between full syncing and fast syncing. I'm trying to answer questions along the line:

1) to what extent is full syncing more secure?
2) how would an attacker exploit fast-synced clients
3) why can't a client continue to full sync after chain pruning?*

  • the last question is something I found out myself after I was doing full sync but then I was running out of space so I used copydb with --syncmode=fast to prune the db, but then geth refuses to continue syncing in full mode once the chain has been pruned