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  • Jun 20 2016 02:11
    @alexvandesande banned @algotrader2013
  • Jun 05 2016 10:31
    @alexvandesande banned @adamskee
Micah Zoltu
I agree with her that given the opportunity to educate a group of people who may have divergent views from you is a reasonable course of action. The best way to build bridges (which people can then walk across) is by taking every opportunity you can to create meaningful dialog with people who you disagree with. The best way to do this is to find a topic that you agree on and can talk meaningfully about first, then after the dialog is open you may expand that dialog into discussing things you disagree on.
While I may not like Craig Wright or Hitler, I think her stance of being willing to speak to their followers about something is an opportunity to create dialog, and thus bridges.
When you have people who are excommunicated from everyone except those with shared world views, they end up in an echo chamber that reinforces their belief system. If we excommunicate all BSV followers because Craig Wright is a bad guy, then we end up leaving potentially innocent, manipulated, people to the echo chamber that is BSV and they don't have a path out.
TL;DR: I'm against the bashing of @OhGodAGirl on the grounds that she spoke at conferences put on by people who you personally disagree with, and I think that kind of excommunication/censorship is not a good path for Ethereum (or the world) to follow.
Micah Zoltu
As far as the Hitler comment, out of respect I think the "right" thing to do is delete it per her request. Separately, I think people are way too triggered by the world "Hitler" these days and it is sad to me that she feels the need to remove that comment (though I fully understand it).
Bob Summerwill
I won't be deleting it - because she said it.
Also many people have taken screenshots of her saying it.
Also because it has been reported in multiple news articles now.
She cannot unsay it.
Me pretending that she didn't say it cannot undo that.
As for "ex-communication", there is a line.
I have drawn mine.
And not just on the basis of her associations, but on the basis of her own actions which I have witnessed in the last few days from her directly, and what I have been told of many, many people's incredibly negative first hand experiences with her.
She is a serial liar too.
I want nothing to do with her.
You want to hang with her and try to "educate her", @MicahZoltu?
Be my guest.
But doing so is below my own ethical standards.
And is also a waste of my time. She will leach me as she has leached others.
Would you hang out with Craig Wright yourself?

I think she had the same kind of level of integrity, from what I have seen.

The fact that she is CTO of a company whose primary customer is Calvin Ayre and who Craig Wright advises (and that she got that job by securing that deal, apparently), is very telling. She is cut of the same cloth.

Bob Summerwill
If you feel that ProgPOW, coming from such a character, is just fine, and that Ethereum being inclusive is more important than protecting the integrity of the platform, then we have very different point of views.

At first I thought that this was just "by association", and that those associations were maybe conflated. Also that "conspiracy theories" around Kristy (like the links with NVIDIA) was maybe conflated. And that she was an innocent.

She is so far from that. She is the problem herself. All the stink around her is because of her actions and patterns of behaviour.

She associates with scammers, frauds and liars because she is a scammer, fraud and a liar.
Bob Summerwill
Somebody pointed me to this today. Think it is relevant:
Brent Allsop

@MicahZoltu said: “The solution to disagreement is not excommunication, it is more communication, education, and dialog.”

Excommunication is definitely not good, but “more communication” doesn’t scale. If more than 10 people are trying to talk, the important stuff gets lost in the noise. Currently, censoring is the only way to resolve the scaling issue when many people want to speak, and that shuts out a large number of people. Canonizer solves these problems because it can scale. You can find out, concisely and quantitatively, what millions of people want to say, so everyone can get a voice. But this does take a bit of work to negotiate between everyone who wants to speak, for everyone, in the smallest number of camp statements, building as much consensus as possible.

just gonna leave this here
and no offence meant to you @bobsummerwill i have the utmost respect for all the effort you put into eth
maybe it turns out that progpow really was a trojan horse spearheaded by Wright, Ayre et all to litigate and shakedown the eth community even tho it seems exceedingly far fetched and i will do a mea culpa in that case for having been a progpow supporter
Peter Salanki

@MicahZoltu: "TL;DR: I'm against the bashing of @OhGodAGirl on the grounds that she spoke at conferences put on by people who you personally disagree with, and I think that kind of excommunication/censorship is not a good path for Ethereum (or the world) to follow."

I give you a lot of respect for this comment. We should not accept this type of treatment of anyone trying to contribute to Ethereum.

Greg Colvin
I know Kristy only through these channels and Magician’s forums. She has been admirably professional through many months of controversy and provocation. That’s all I have to say about it.
Bob Summerwill
@Daft-Wullie Thanks for the Reddit link.
Geoffrey Callaghan
is it safe to make a plug in here for disposable numbers at http://textita.com or am i going to get yelled at
Kazunori Seki
Not sure if this right place and sorry to cut-in, but currently a hacked youtube channel is running fake EF giveaway, gathering $50k or so in 2-3 days summarized in a csv here. https://pastebin.com/6NTNAEm2 but youtube is lazy to kill it. I'm looking for practical hackerone style autonomous anti-exploits under pseudo pegouvian taxization, covering all kind of assets not just cryto.
Brent Allsop
Thanks for pointing this out. What can we do to help? I'm not understanding what you mean by "practical hackerone style autonomous anti-exploits under pseudo pegouvian taxization, covering all kind of assets not just crypto."
Kazunori Seki
Technology assets as a whole, in speculation-hedging context, would be the largest chunk of granularity I can think of, in the same class of environmtal experiment of hydro-carbon ledger on Kyoto protocol or Paris agreement. Hackerone targets medium-small granularity where current institutional brand actors and legacy high-tech hacker favors, where prevention of erode as external negativity of brands and hacking fame value are traded off. Crypto giveaway scamming, others call it as trust-trading scam though, would be similar conflict area in size and characteristic, but much easier to apply cryptographic asset valuation in the modeling of dynamics. The $50K is just in a YouTube channel in a days, but I have manually sampled about $1M BTC exploits in a half year, while applyig anti-exploits efforts as much.