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Jan 2016
Alex Van de Sande
Jan 06 2016 00:47
@Souptacular The site is covering the wallet. This guide is more intended for developers I believe
Hudson Jameson
Jan 06 2016 00:48
@alexvandesande Sounds good. I am setting up the first draft of the structure now...
What is the preferred method of group editing a document? Google docs?
Or I could just use github with pull requests, but for the planning phase before actually writing the documentation that seems less than ideal and slow
Hudson Jameson
Jan 06 2016 01:10

So I was trying to outline a high level draft of what the guide should cover so here is a super rough draft of some of the stuff I came up with:

  1. Ethereum Introduction
  2. Overview of Ethereum
  3. History (Short, for context)
  4. Glossary (of Common Ethereum Terms and the names of all the different ethdev sub projects)

  5. Using Ethereum

  6. Getting Started (installing Ethereum, setting up first account, obtaining ether, connecting to dapp either through mist or web3RPC using CLI flags)
  7. Node Settings
  8. Account Management
    -- Offline Accounts and Cold Storage
  9. Ethereum Transaction Lifecycle (what happens when you execute a transaction, from start to finish from the perspective of a user. will also cover gas vs ether)
  10. Mining
  11. Connecting to a DApp

  12. Developing on Ethereum

  13. Requirements (required "skills", suggested tools)
    [Need to finish this]
  14. Network
    -- Private test networks

  15. Exploring Ethereum Software

  16. SWARM

  17. Ethereum Community

  18. Exchanges
  19. Mining Pools/Resources
  20. Community Sites
  21. Client Implimentations
  22. DApp Resources
  23. List of DApps
Hudson Jameson
Jan 06 2016 03:51
The formatting messed up. Ignore the numbers, but there are some things that need to be better organzied for the guide XD
Taylor Gerring
Jan 06 2016 11:20
@Souptacular Gdoc or hackpad is fine. Really whatever you prefer