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Jan 2016
Hudson Jameson
Jan 12 2016 01:58
Change of plans. I'm won't be able to fully finish combining the plans and creating a GitHub PR tonight. Will do as soon as I can
Hudson Jameson
Jan 12 2016 02:19
Was able to add some comment's to @zelig 's suggestion. Vik please review :)
Péter Szilágyi
Jan 12 2016 17:43
It would probably be helpful to include a small section on fast sync into the docs
Here's my post about it that was merged a few months ago
though it wasn't published anywhere more publicly
feel free to include it in the docs
I'll also probably move it to the wiki under some dev algo colelction
along with the upcoming garbage collector algo
Viktor Trón
Jan 12 2016 17:50
thanks peter, absolutely
in fact i had it in my notes, just forgot to include it
I would like a doc on 'syncing with the network'
Hudson Jameson
Jan 12 2016 17:52
Thanks @karalabe ! I will ping you if I need guidance on go related documentation and to have you skim it once it's mostly done