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Jan 2016
Jan 31 2016 00:39
I think I did it. Please look.
Anthony C. Eufemio
Jan 31 2016 18:59
hey guys
reporting for documentation duty... is there a topics outline?
Viktor Trón
Jan 31 2016 19:04
Yes please look at the repo
You find directions in the readme
Use the frontier guide or not
Please tell me what you are working on
Best if you create a pr
Just indicate when it's ready for review
Be brave nothing needs to be final
Viktor Trón
Jan 31 2016 19:10
If you wish to change structure please discuss here
Huge thanks
Jan 31 2016 20:22
I started taking notes for What is Ethereum... by gathering pieces from various posts
Viktor Trón
Jan 31 2016 22:10