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Feb 2016
I was going to help with the homestead guide. Thinking of doing Creating An Account -> Using the Console section.
Feb 13 2016 15:59 UTC
Which clients should "the-basics > Installing a Client" cover ? Just Geth, all of the clients on the client list, or all clients + GUI wallet. Further should these be subsections within each OS?
Viktor Trón
Feb 13 2016 16:08 UTC
Subsections for each os yes. -I
okay did it assuming no one else was doing it! ethereum/homestead-guide#27
Feb 13 2016 17:37 UTC
What should I work on next? @zelig @Souptacular etc
Feb 13 2016 17:51 UTC
I still have issues to address in #11, but I am thinking about the next thing
Ethan Wilding
Feb 13 2016 20:05 UTC
@jackwinters @alexvandesande I was thinking that we should only include Mist + Geth in the main "Installing a Client" section. We should move Building from Source and cpp/Alethzero to github links. My concern here is that most people won't need to know how to compile from source, and bloating the documentation with that info isn't helpful for most people. And: are we supporting Alethzero/cpp officially in this release? Or, are we trying to be maximally comprehensive with the Homestead Doc?
Hudson Jameson
Feb 13 2016 20:13 UTC
@featheredape For now we are saying that any client/implimentation/tool could be added to the guide. What that means is that if the C++ team, the Java team, Rust team, etc came in and wanted to put some examples from their code to make an account or check for ether that is fine, but otherwise we will primarily have geth examples because it is the most widely used and the ones used in the frontier guide.
@featheredape For the rest of your questions, refer to this:
If that page doesn't answer your q's please reply here and I can elaborate
Hudson Jameson
Feb 13 2016 20:20 UTC
@hughlang I am thinking the sections that need the most attention are the "Contracts" and "Accessing Contracts and Transactions" sections. Also, if you're looking for a challenge, The "Lifecycle of a transaction" section on "Account Types..." is not complete.
@/all All changes that have been merged are now available on for review
Feb 13 2016 20:23 UTC
Cool. I think Contracts is a good place to start
This thing is actually coming together.
Hudson Jameson
Feb 13 2016 21:41 UTC
Yeah it's exciting! And I finally have time this weekend to write a few pages