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Feb 2016
Viktor Trón
Feb 22 2016 07:43 UTC
@Souptacular @pablox43 please share you comments with me
Viktor Trón
Feb 22 2016 07:52 UTC
Viktor Trón
Feb 22 2016 08:55 UTC
ok I am still confused about the entire structure. I think I am leaning towards
  • putting web3 vision and infrastructure overview to introduction
  • dissolve the infrastructure/web3/developer section subdivision and just include all the components under them directly under ecosystem - the division seems arbitrary
  • split the account/contract section and put under basics vs under development
  • include a section linking to specs (pretty much like frontier)
  • network part of ecosytem should include sync/fast/sync
  • add specifications and interfaces/APIs section to develop chapter
  • add a future section to intro on pos and scalability synopsis and resources
Bob Summerwill
Feb 22 2016 23:24 UTC
OK, I have finally "unfucked" my MacBook, and can start building up a PR for the docs.
Here was the magic required -
So my working solution was to brew install python (not using the one installed with the OS), and then to unfuck the links with brew link --overwrite python and then I was finally able to successfully do sudo pip install sphinx
I cannot reassign ethereum/homestead-guide#42 to myself, but that is where I will start. Please can an admin give me write permission on the repo and/or just assign this issue to me, so I can prep the PR. I won't submit directly.