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Feb 2016
Hudson Jameson
Feb 27 2016 03:02
@bobsummerwill Awesome! Thanks for the notice :)
Hudson Jameson
Feb 27 2016 04:12
@/all Who is online and feels like doing some glossary editing? There are a lot of missing definitions :D I now am using the Sphinx glossary directive so please keep the spacing the same for each entry so it works.
For anyone who wants to tackle it, I am about to commit some of the changes. Use this guide if you have trouble with the sphix syntax for glossary:
Viktor TrĂ³n
Feb 27 2016 05:17
Feb 27 2016 14:55
@Souptacular will do some glossary work, looking in the usual places for definitions.
Hudson Jameson
Feb 27 2016 16:38
Thanks @klmoney . here is a good glossary link