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Mar 2016
Hudson Jameson
Mar 07 2016 06:10
I deleted "backup/import" and "creating an account" page and consolidated them into the "Accounts" page, previously, "Account Management". Still not sure where to put the wallets/online wallets/cold storage stuff, but it will likely be on this page. Thoughts on my changes?ethereum/homestead-guide#84
Hudson Jameson
Mar 07 2016 06:48
@/all All PR's are merged besides my latest one. One week left until homestead folks, time for a final push! :D
Bob Summerwill
Mar 07 2016 06:55
I aim to spend MOST of this week on documentation.
^^ Check it in!
Hudson Jameson
Mar 07 2016 06:57
@bobsummerwill FYI. On accounts I added some ethkey stuff.
Not sure how much of that will change since ethkey is getting absorbed into C++ ethereum
Bob Summerwill
Mar 07 2016 07:01
Yeah - I dunno either. We'll find out in the course of the week!
Viktor TrĂ³n
Mar 07 2016 07:47
@Souptacular i will try but cannot really work on this till friday probably
Hudson Jameson
Mar 07 2016 07:49
@zelig no worries. I have some free time this week so I can wrap up the guide and handle the PRs
Mar 07 2016 08:57
I will work on the accessing-contracts-and-transactions page today
Mar 07 2016 10:49
I have time this week. I spent time on proofreading and taking notes on things that need work
I can make some of those fixes and submit some PRs
Is there anything you guys want me to focus on?
Hudson Jameson
Mar 07 2016 14:21
@bas-vk thanks.
@hughlang ummm I'll check later. See which pages need the most TLC :)
Mar 07 2016 15:11
The glossary has some loose ends to tie up. I will tidy it up and do a scan for typos, etc. (I introduced one typo at least which I need to fix.) If any one else is working on the glossary, pls let me know so we can coordinate or I can work on something else.