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Mar 2016
Bob Summerwill
Mar 26 2016 01:10

Hey @hughlang ... so for the internal references, I think we could really use a decoupling of the display names of the links from the actual link names. They are currently the same (through ignorance on my behalf at least!). We also have warnings popping up every few days about clashing external references too. I've "fixed" some of this with slight variants in the names, but that sucks balls and we need a better solution.

For example ... we have ...

`Solidity <>`
.. seealso:: `Solidity docs <>`_ has more examples and guidelines to writing Solidty code.
.. note::  More information on solc and compiling Solidity contract code can be found `here <>`_.
`Solidity Docs <>`

In various places. If they all said "Solidity Docs" then that causes warnings. Which is dumb, but must mean we have the syntax right.

Mar 26 2016 01:10
I noticed. I agree. Not sure yet how but I’ll try.
Bob Summerwill
Mar 26 2016 01:15
@hughlang Thanks :-)
No doubt it's just a bit more weird RST syntax to add in both of these scenarios.