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Apr 2016
Viktor Trón
Apr 11 2016 07:36
Hi guys
sry i was slacking on the doc lately, very busy with swarm
i thought you said you would include the go-ethereum install instructions, it looks pretty wierd compared to cpp plus it is still mentioning frontier network on that page
Bob Summerwill
Apr 11 2016 07:42
Hey @zelig,
I am afraid that I have been bailing water on the C++ client code, and ethdocs has taken a back seat post-Homestead. We should get geth team members (as well as you) engaged in this effort. I have so much on my plate.
karalabe, perhaps? He seems to be happy enough writing Wiki pages. We should get him writing RST.
Viktor Trón
Apr 11 2016 07:48
ok understood, I create an issue
Apr 11 2016 12:44
let me know if there’s something i can help with. Not really a specialist in any of the tools yet.