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Aug 2016
gregg dourgarian
Aug 18 2016 04:16
hi...will be looking at helping on the homestead documentation...tx
gregg dourgarian
Aug 18 2016 20:27
@bobsummerwill ALscientific_twitter i assume A-L means including these items in the Homestead documentation intro as that is a good idea...i'll take a shot at that in my next update: #1 why crypto/blockchains? #2 Why ethereum? just a thought that the answer to these 2 questions should be front and center as often as possible.
Bob Summerwill
Aug 18 2016 20:32
Sorry - what do you mean by "A-L" ?
gregg dourgarian
Aug 18 2016 22:17
A-L is his handle (ALScientific_Twitter).
Bob, question...i'm finding some of the writing to be effusive and not business like. I would like to make in NPOV (neutral point of view) where possible. Are you ok w that?
As an example, instead of "forever unchangeable and censorship-resistant" I think it is sufficient and better to write 'censorship-resistant'.
Taylor Gerring
Aug 18 2016 22:25
Gregg, the neutral language would be a welcome change to readability IMO. If people take issue with it, the PR is a good place to discuss and tweak
gregg dourgarian
Aug 18 2016 22:33
Thanks Taylor...I'll push out a commit here soon so if ppl think i'm going too far we can walk it back.