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Oct 2016
Oct 05 2016 10:58
Hi, am moving my data onto an external drive on my Mac, using geth --datadir on command line in Terminal. It's resync onto the external drive, mapped network port udp:30303 as normal default, been running for quite a while, with "timed out DAO fork-check, dropping message. I did "support" by --support-dao-fork. Q please: how do I find out if I m on TestNet or Mainnet ? And anyway to monitor the progress ? i.e. On support DAO hard fork, block #1920000 seems is the turning point ? Appreciate any help please. I was successfully ran MIST (0-8-4) the day before with Testnet.
Viktor Trón
Oct 05 2016 12:31
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Bob Summerwill
Oct 05 2016 21:58
Head to for help with geth, @iPorgie_twitter.
Oct 05 2016 22:24
@bobsummerwill Thanks Bob … there already, it’s a bit complicated when resync the whole structure. Getting there. Thx. PS. I have to re logged in with Github ID. Cheers.