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    they are different protocol implementations, with different identifiers: “les/2” vs “plp/1”
    thanks a lot!
    Adam Ryczkowski
    Since servers willing to speak LES are scarce, what are my options to commit basic transactions on ETH main net without trusting 3rd party?
    Adam Ryczkowski
    I believe I found the solution. geth --syncmode "light"connects successfully (in contrast to the deprecated Fether), and so I can use: https://support.mycrypto.com/developers/run-your-own-node-with-mycrypto
    Hello all, i have just upgrade my light Node to 1.9.19-stable
    but have no peers, how can i config my Node to connect other peers?
    Bitcoin is going down, I cannot mine again and I just swapped my bitcoin to bitcoin cash, how best is my decision?
    Though thinking of mining from https://fxctraders.com/bitcoin-mining/
    Alexandre Esteves
    Is there a way to output a transaction or receipt inclusion proof out of geth? I can only find an endpoint for state proofs: ethereum/go-ethereum#17737
    hello, I want to have a light client which only contain bolck header data, How can I get the bolck header data from full node.
    I want sync the block header data from peers
    Mikko Ohtamaa
    Hello all. I am checking what's the current status of Ethereum light client in Go and is it under active development?
    I am checking it it is possible to implement an Ethereum bridge in other Go based blockchains (all Tendermind ones) by using this model how Rainbow bridge is operationg: https://near.org/blog/eth-near-rainbow-bridge/
    you need a light client to check the proofs of events happening in another network
    Alexandre Esteves
    @miohtama I've worked in a on-chain Rust ethereum light client which is partially based in rainbow bridge.
    The main things you want to watch for are transaction size limit, gas limits and latency.
    We could fit less than 16 ethash DAG elements in one transaction so we had to send them in chunks - this ballooned the number of transactions needed to relay a single ethereum header which in turn means that to stay below ethereum's block rate you need to relax the commitment parameters and submit them more optimistically and/or make the light client accept chunks in any order and keep track of which chunks were missing so that you can send them in barrage.
    Rainbow bridge uses https://github.com/tranvictor/ethashproof for the ethash merkelization, and this takes ~3 seconds per block on my machine (though you can cache things in advance if you need)
    You also need to do a bunch of keccak 256/512 for ethash verification, so that might require primitives to avoid hitting the gas limit
    I can't tell by your message whether you want Go specifically, but there are Tendermint/Cosmos SDK ports to other languages - I've used an Haskell one in the past
    Meaning, there's probably a Rust Tendermint SDK you could use and leverage a good deal of rainbow bridge directly
    Mikko Ohtamaa
    @alexfmpe Thank you so much
    This is especially embedding a Ethereum light client in TenderMind based chains (all Go)
    Mikko Ohtamaa
    And in my case might not need to be onchain, so it could make things easier
    I only need to verify event logs in a Go based program
    one way
    Mikko Ohtamaa
    This seems to be very easy to read https://github.com/zmitton/eth-proof
    Manjiri Birajdar
    Hi, I am asking because I am trying to understand, can geth light client communicate with another geth light client in secure way? If yes, then how? Any links for reference?
    Mikko Ohtamaa
    @ManjiriBirajdar light clients are connected to full nodes, not peer-to-peer
    so any communication would need to happen over Ethereum transactions (expensive)
    Hi, is there a particular way that geth light sync needs to be run nowadays? Mine doesn't connect to any peer for a long time
    @alesito85 which network do you run ? I faced with this problem on ropsten network. Couldn't find any peer for several hours. Got lucky to find this peer enode://23fd0ff45034abb96933c07b4fa9e2aff5029f78ec27a425a2547990b59cffb1e8f87b6ae4a88d2fc4b6f3d57b67673fa3d4df1c893f2cc72ddf37ef75c21a00@
    for main network all works fine
    there are opened to light client nodes
    @vladyslavmunin interestingly enough my issue is on mainnet
    Fyi I've resolved my issue by using Linux client instead...
    Actually it turns out that I have issues with the latest client everywhere (1.9.24). I've tried 1.9.11 and that one connects almost immediately
    Hello friends
    hi, is there anyone know how can i subscribe pending transaction by light client?
    hi there I'm facing a issue when making request to geth node
    curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 8545: Connection refused
    I'm getting this error please help. Thanks in advance
    Oliver Bernie
    Hello everyone
    Petrovichev Sergey
    Hello! What are the differences between the ethereum full node and the light node? I am interested in specific functionality, that is, generating addresses, obtaining information about a transaction by hash, etc. Is there any functionality that can be lost when switching to a light node?
    1 reply


    geth --syncmode light ...
    working ok, synchronization taking some few minutes.
    However when closing client and restarting it, finding following issue that cannot solve by now, without a fresh (on clean datadir) resync
    ... err="block in the future"

    Main concern is that always having a fresh light sync will eventually miss i.e transactions done today in say 1 month (assuming that's the time window for light mode)
    Please, looking for advice for workaround

    Garvit Goel
    Hi folks,
    Just started working on eth. Is there any documentation that would actually help me work through the light client code?
    The one given on the ethereum website is very high level and does not talk about the datastructures or pseudo code.
    Hey Guys, is there a tutorial on how to build a light client ?
    pretty sure you just run geth with the light mode flag
    month late lol
    David Luis
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