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James Bowery
How do I "make sure" I am "in sync"? I see a lot of documentation saying "make sure..." without any "by doing". Mostly this relates to "sync"ing. Help is no help in this regard as it merely says "make sure", again, with no "by doing". The Ethereum Wallet app itself has a "NOTE" that says: "If your balance doesn't seem updated, make sure that you are in sync with the network."
Bruno Škvorc
Use eth_syncing when in the console: https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/JSON-RPC#eth_syncing
James Bowery
Is the console available from the Windows Ethereum Wallet UI?
Roxy Q.
hello someone can do a tutorial better explained to novices, I'm not a programmer, all they do is refer to other links ... write me in private if someone wants to provide a good video from the minute 1 of the installation of ETHEREUM, to contribute in elgo the new ones, thanks.
Bruno Škvorc
@jabowery If you mean Mist, that's discontinued. But the icon in the bottom left will tell you if you're synced.
Muhammad Waqas

Hi Everyone,

I have synced the main node on my server and now I need to make functions for send balance, generate address, get transactions for my deployed contract using c#.
I am confused that how I my C# code can interact with my contract using NEthereum library to send balance from main account and a newly generated address.

I have tried my best already so after all my efforts I am asking here from you my friends. So, Any help will be highly appreciated.


Danish Rabbani
Hi everyone can some help me out that my crypto wallet shows 0 balance on private chain
Muhammad Waqas

I have a confusion, When we create new address/account for an ERC20 token then it have 0 Eth balance. When we send some tokens to this address and then withdraw token again from this address require a gas fee in ETH but this account don't have any ETH. So how we can send the transaction when account have 0 ETH for Gas fee. Can we use a separate address to pay ETH fee for all address of Token ?
I am developing ERC20 token wallet application in C# so kindly answer accordingly.


Novice: could anyone please teach me why my etherfield client turned on the "clear center the GE code version version 1.8.23 manually" error.
is there anyone who can help to import third art libparry in mist ui ap?
Connecting...waiting for blocks...nothing happens! How do I fix this? Thanks
.11.1 Linux wallet
hmmm, discontinued???
hi,guy,what's wrong with this
Hi - I successfully compiled a rather simple token under Solidity but it is now seven hours since submission for contract creation without a single confirmation (0/12). The token employed each of the mandatory functions plus a few others and the SafeMath Library. Version 0.11.1 under OS X version 10.14.5. Any thoughts?
Oh - deprecated!
Mustafa Qamar-ud-Din
I am having trouble restoring my wallet in the GUI. I have copied the key file from an old ethereum wallet install on Ubuntu
resolved, thanks
Mustafa Qamar-ud-Din
now I have some ethereum balance in my wallet. How can I sell it to USD?
I installed Geth and then Mist
I can get Balance in Mist wallet
but not work command eth.getBalance in console and return zero
Someone can help me
Mustafa Qamar-ud-Din
@mtahani I think geth is to setup your own node, but ethminer is for mining ethereum.
Hola buenas noches alguien habla español?
join us ,![Join the chat at https://gitter.im/ethereum/yi],let take about the new Product!
Hello 👋 all 🖖
Help, Support, Suggestions, Advice, Assist and me continue
God Bless you all 🖖