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Hello 👋 all 🖖
Help, Support, Suggestions, Advice, Assist and me continue
God Bless you all 🖖
Vince Orlando
hello, I have a smart wallet contract generated with the mist app, I have been trying to transfer coins out of it using the myCrypto desktop app. I am able to load the contract wallet and the ABI but when I execute a transaction it transfers coins from the base wallet to the contract and not away. Any help appreciated
Vince Orlando
so if anyone is having a problem like this, the UI on myCrypto didnt reflect what was actually happening. I made some small coin transfers to verify that it was working and solved my problem, thanks everyone for all your help ??
So for some reason mist isn't loading anymore. It's stuck at the loading spinner screen. I have a contract ABI I need to export. Is there a way to get it to load the screens so I can grab the ABI or a way to extract it from locally stored data?
it appears to be using Geth/v1.8.14-stable/darwin-amd64/go1.10.3
Is my geth being out of date the problem? regardless, is there a way to extract/export the ABI from the data files?
Hi Guys me too suddenly I have the spinning wallet , im using a mac. Can someone tell me how to export my walltet to an exchange or something like that ?
Even a new installation on a new computer , i'm having the same issue, even on windows
Can someone help please ?
Can I transfer my github wallet to online wallet ^
Mark Pereira
I got the same issue. - I was having an issue originally where my wallet was showing zero, and last synch block was 4 years ago - then it would crash any time I switched the sync mode. Now I am getting the refresh infinite - what would be the recommendation? I am using the 0.11.1 Ethereum/Mist for Ubuntu
I did transfer to MEW and seems fine
you just upload the keystore file type your password and done
Mark Pereira
whats MEW?
its a chrome extension wallet
Mark Pereira
I would be a bit weary of that though, I dunno the plain project wallet was what I was hoping to use
I dont know seems ok I will keep my files secure
Marc Garreau
Mist is deprecated software; it’s recommended that you migrate away from it. MEW is a good option. If you prefer to stay with a desktop app, MyCrypto has a great one. More details for migration here: https://medium.com/@wolovim/mist-migration-patterns-6bcf066ac383
Mark Pereira
@marcgarreau Isn't Mist the default ethereum wallet though? If I started my wallet with Mist where do I go to now ? How do I import my wallet/keystore to another app and which is most secure/recommended??
Marc Garreau
All that is covered in the link I posted and more info can be found here: https://ethereum.org/wallets/
Mark Pereira
Thanks Marc... never been a lil more on edge than hoping to successfully restore my wallet somewhere else right now after accidentally loading a legacy wallet. Hopefully all will go well.
Marc Garreau
:+1: the Medium post will explain where to find your keystore file(s) generated by the wallet in Mist, which you can take to another wallet, like MyCrypto. holler if you need further help.
Mark Pereira
I was able to migrate successfully to the browser extension - but i couldnt do the ios wallet without the recovery phrase. I am unable to find my recovery phrase, is there a way to get this through cmd line?
I do have my wallet keystore file and password - I was unsuccessful trying to find out how to find the recovery phrase after the fact though now.
Marc Garreau
the keystore wallet you have is generated differently than wallets with mnemonic/recovery phrases. if your iOS wallet doesnt support importing a keystore or private key, then you wont be able to use that wallet there. I know Trust Wallet, for example, supports keystore or private key imports.
Mark Pereira
hm thanks! it looks like TrustWallet doesn't support directly importing a keystore file, but that I need to I guess get the file onto my ios device, and then copy the contents of it and paste it into the import field. I am unsure how this differs from any other import process they use though, but I'll look into it more. Perhaps Im best off to start a new wallet and transfer all this out since I am unable to find the recovery phrase or get it to show from legacy wallet (since the wallet app doesnt seem to open)
Marc Garreau
:+1: transferring to a mnemonic wallet is good practice, since you can recover it even without a keystore file
Mark Pereira
but there is no way to recover a mnemonic after the initial wallet creation? or is there? When I created the wallet originally I think I was not able to copy it so I have nothing available, just the keystore and although that successfully restored the wallet somewhere, it would b nice to know how I can recover the phrase so I can make note this time
Marc Garreau
It’s up to you to store the mnemonic words safely, e.g., on paper in a secure location. If you lose your phone with the wallet app, for example, you can still restore access to your wallet with those mnemonic words.
Aleksandar Perisic
we have 3 wallets and we dont remember ever setting any password on ethereum wallet ... wtf ? :S cant import keystore files to other wallets...
@marcgarreau Hello, any Mist alternative with "good" multiple accounts support? (Mycrypto supports multiple accounts, but you need to logout/login each time you wanna use different account)
Hi - surprised about this. Super annoying.

Failed to compile
Line 18:1: 'serviceWorker' is not defined no-undef

Search for the keywords to learn more about each error.
This error occurred during the build time and cannot be dismissed.

Hello i am french so for your explication please lowly slowly . how i solve this problem ?
So how do I get my eth out of the wallet? It says connecting waiting for blocks forever.
I dont remember the password that mycrypto wants with the keystore file
When I open my wallet it keeps loading, i can't get in. You know how to fix?
Marc Garreau
Mist/Ethereum Wallet is deprecated and unsupported. Please migrate to another solution found in the migration guide or https://ethereum.org/wallets/

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Kyle Gentle

hi @marcgarreau. I'm trying to recover an old Mist wallet, and I'm hoping you can help.

I have its Version 3 keystore, and its associated password. I don't have the seed. I've tried to follow the Migration Guide, but when attempting to import the wallet into MEW or MyCrypto, I get an error: "Private key does not satisfy the curve requirements (ie. it is invalid)".

I've tried running the latest release of Mist, but I have the same problem as others here have mentioned; Mist gets stuck on the loading screen.

The wallet has a non-trivial amount of ETH, plus some ERC-20 tokens. What are my options for recovery?


Hi,I hope you can assist me.

I have an Ethereum Wallet address 0xB56D34c03321305C13745886403c2EeBd83D45AF that I can access OK via my keystore file.

However, that address has a Wallet Contract 0x93f2D8062112B1FeBC630318F6Bf6ac22aE41F3c that I can't work out howto access.

I tried the Contracts tab, entered the wallet contract address and JSON (there appears no existing contract to select). After hitting the Access button (and keystore/password for the wallet address) for the there was a Read/Write where the only logical option seemed to be EXECUTE.

The fields though are not intuitive and I'm not inclined to guess. Have I done it correct so far? If so, how do I correctly fillout the fields to enableme to send my Ethereum and tokens from my wallet contract?

Read / Write Contract
_to address
_value uint256
_data bytes
↳ _r bytes32