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I have successfully accessed my wallet contract through the MyCrypto.com desktop app

From the Contracts tab select the existing contract Mist’s Multisig contract from the dropdown list.
Use your Wallet Contract address in the Contract Address field.

Then hit the Access button – down the bottom are the access options.
I used the keystore file from the Ethereum account that the wallet contract was created.
Note: Accessing via keystore is not secure but I was ok to as I was emptying the contract wallet and no intention to ever use it again.

Select the EXECUTE action from the drop down list

Sending ETH from the wallet contract
_TO field the ETH address you are sending to
_VALUE field the amount of ETH to send in the WEI denomination
_data field set to 0x
VALUE field set to 0
Recommend manually setting the Gas Limit to 100000 to avoid Out of Gas TX errors.

Sending token from the wallet contract
"_to" field use the address of the token contract. You can find those on Etherscan.
Set the "_value" field to 0.
In the "_data" field, use <inputdata>.
Set the "Value" field to 0.
Recommend manually setting the Gas Limit to 100000 to avoid Out of Gas TX errors.

<inputdata> you will need MyCrypto support to assist as this is a derived string using the send to address, token, number of tokens …which ends up looking like

Best of luck all!

I have a Problem like your's. I had send OMG ERC20, to my ABRA Wallet. But they don't support OMG ERC20 till then. So the ERC20 ETH Adress of Abra, i've send the Token never get some. I find the Token on a Different Adress, don't know how to get Acess Back. I will try your Manual, thx for that
Hi all, just to be sure I understand, even though I can log into my Ethereum wallet and access my Keystore, I will not be able to send my holdings to a new wallet via Ethereum Wallet, is that correct?
Husam Abahreh
please i need help
You can use your keystore file
Ethereum / Mist no longer supported.
Unable to find peers at Dogethereum wallet
some idea about it ?
Hey guys, can you use mist with the latest geth? when i tried it required older version, but when i use older version, cant sync
hey guys whats the best way to go about transfering my ETH out of my mist wallet to another account. I can't sync up to any other nodes or get the blocks. I tried sending out to my nano S address but it said error: excedee gas block limit.
Is there a way to restore my ETH in another wallet?
figured it out - used mycrypto to backup my keystore
hi guys my mist doesnt work
i think mist doesnt work anymore. MOst of the people as I see are using mycrypto wallet. Correct me if Im wrong?!
Rocky Fikki
Yes, most are using MyCrypto, MEW - MyEtherWallet, or Metamask.
After I posted on a "Wrong Password" issue thread that I managed to recover my friends Mist wallet and offered help to those who gave up I was called a scammer and the whole repo was archived. Why are the devs so nervous?
@pie5Aequ I have money stuck can you help me?
Matt Piatkowski
@pie5Aequ I also have 1 ETH stuck. Is yours a position 9 issue
@progone I was able to get my eth out of it by finding the keystore file on my computer, and opening it with MyCrypto Desktop app. You can google how to find your keystore file on your computer. I didn't remember my password for the keystore file but was able to use a bruteforce program to get the password by following this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuhtaCgY0wc
Matt Piatkowski
Thank you. I will try that
Shawn Mishra
Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help me. Did ethereum wallet have web-based access sometime in 2017, and if so was that part of the deprecation? Thanks in advance
Hi guys, I downloaded the mist Ethereum wallet in 2016 and cannot open it now that its depreciated. I have tried finding my keystore file, and was able to find something in my trash with "UTC--2017--**" (the rest of the info is the timstamp + my key), but it's not a JSON file... its a "document" file and I cannot seem to import it into metamask. Anyone know anything about this?
Hello! Downloaded Ethereum Wallet on macOS Big Sur but see blank window with spinning circle for two days already. Is this normal?
Hello, Downloaded Ethereum wallet on Widows OS , see blank window with spinning circle
error saying checksum mismatch in downloaded node
can anyone please help?
Hello everyone, I have some ether left on my wallet, but the wallet itself has depreciated and is not active. it doesn't even sync with the network. how can I get my crypt, please tell me