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Jul 2017
Karthikeyan T
Jul 27 2017 05:59
Hi I am new to this can anyone help me how to use this module.
Jul 27 2017 08:29
It's cute how all the services are starting synchronously, mapping upnp ports from their start() methods
Jul 27 2017 08:41
Hello, did anyone thought of preparing pydevp2p implementation on asyncio?
Jul 27 2017 08:42
@janx ethereum/pydevp2p#77 makes it only perform the UPnP discovery once per python process, instead of twice per app. I don't think it's too clean of a solution, but it makes the tests pass.
Jan Xie
Jul 27 2017 12:20
@Wolf480pl thanks!
Jul 27 2017 13:02
@janx One pull request left: ethereum/pydevp2p#73 it's just a single line diff in the tests, but it makes them pass on python3 - just look at these green check marks on Travis ;)