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Bhargav Garge
Hey is there solution behind the problem of cursor in remix ide
does anyone know what this means - execution reverted: ERC20: transfer amount exceeds allowance"
I get this using usdc
is there a discord for this IDE?
Raghu Iyengar
Hi, is it possible to debug in remix when I am using an 'injected provider'?
I just get a blank page when I try to do this
@raghusesha_twitter Can you share which network you are using? Remix requires some endpoints from the network to function debugging. Also, can you check if there is an error in browser console when it shows blank page?
Raghu Iyengar
I am using avalanche fuji testnet. I get error as shown below:
ABDul Rehman
Hey Guys! Remix IDE is not compiling contracts for me. When I try to change the compiler version I get this error: Worker error: Uncaught NetworkError: Failed to execute 'importScripts' on 'WorkerGlobalScope': The script at 'https://binaries.soliditylang.org/wasm/soljson-v0.8.16+commit.07a7930e.js' failed to load.
@raghusesha_twitter can you check if issue is fixed on remix-alpha.ethereum.org
@DevABDee just reload Remix, it should be working fine
ABDul Rehman
@Aniket-Engg I've reloaded many times, still getting the same error
ABDul Rehman
It's solved now. I had some network issue. Finally solved :)
is there a way to get just the object part of the bytecode (not all the JSON part but only the hex formatted part)?
hey guy i am having this error: This contract may be abstract, it may not implement an abstract parent's methods completely or it may not invoke an inherited contract's constructor correctly.
what should i do
Dany Hursan

Hello, can someone please explain how to obtain CompilationResult, needed for the run call of remix-analyzer?

const remixAnalyzer = new staticAnalysisRunner();
 const analysisReport = await remixAnalyzer.run(...CompilationResult...???));


If I have contract abi as json, and bytecode, from Hardhat compilation, can I use those to create the CompilationResult object needed above?
Dany Hursan
I think I got it, saw some unit tests. If someone from the team can update the documentation with an example like in the unit test, it would be helpful for anyone wondering how to get that.
Sakeoshi πŸ›Έ (πŸ’™,🧑)πŸ¦ŠπŸ’™ .
Can someone help please, i have been using Remix fine with no issues for the past two years, just today i am redeploying an old contract that has been successfully deployed to mainnet and testnets on ETH and ARB. When i deploy now , i get a gas estimation error. The contract was deploying perfectly fine a month ago.

When i deploy now , i get a gas estimation error. The contract was deploying perfectly fine a month ago.

to which network do you try to deploy it?

This contract may be abstract, it may not implement an abstract parent's methods completely or it may not invoke an inherited contract's constructor correctly.

@Danie-cyber222 this means you are inheriting a contract and some of the function are still virtual... you need to implement them

Sakeoshi πŸ›Έ (πŸ’™,🧑)πŸ¦ŠπŸ’™ .
@yann300 I am attempting a deploy to Goerli, and Arbitrum. Funny thing is for Arbitrum if i change the router address from Uniswaps to SushiSwap the contract deploys.
Loaded Remix and the contract on a new copy of Firefox web browser and still the same problem
Everything was working perfectly fine a week ago
<yann300> you used metamask?
<yann300> so the issue is with Goerli?
@Aniket-Engg @ryestew could you please take a look at the pull request and let me know if it needs some more updates so that to be finally merged. Actually, Its my first pull request!!
Sure @pranshu-taneja
Im a total newbie to all this so i wont try to use all the lingo. How can i withdraw from a bot contract (using ethereum remix) to MetaMask? i tried putting my address in & it gives me the choice to Start/Withdraw/Token Name/Token Symbol but when i hit Withdrawal, nothing happens

I have created one new issue on github repo and also commented on an old one. Please look into those.

ethereum/remix-project#3324 (new issue)
ethereum/remix-project#2529 (old issue)

hello. i cant load browser remix ide
An unknown error has occurred while loading the application.
Doing a hard refresh might fix this issue:
error in console:
rror loading Remix: ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 2258 failed.
Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 12.29.50 AM.png
We are rolling back, sorry for the issue.
we will let you know when it’s back up
Liana Husikyan
It should be fixed now. Could you please confirm @razhzq ?
Hello all,
I have produced a test coin for testing. Now I would like to delete this coin again. Is there a way to withdraw my money again? Thank you for further information.

It should be fixed now. Could you please confirm @razhzq ?

yes confirm fixed. thank you

Thomas Ken
I'm a senior full-stack and blockchain developer looking for new opening position or projects.
I have over 10 years of experience in building websites and 4 years of experience in blockchain technology.
I have strong experience with react.js/next.js/vue.js & material ui/styled-compoents/figma design for frontend and node.js/express.js for backend development.
Also I'm highly experienced with web3 integration with smart contracts, harthat/truffle/remix, building dapps(defi/dex/dao), NFT marketplace, so I have been working in blockchain field for recent 4 years.
Check it and DM me if you're interested.
Kindly awaiting for your response.
Azhar Khan
I have a bot in my account how can I see it
i have to close the bot
can you talk to me on mail
Azhar Khan
i am very upset please help me