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Repo info
    U can chat me up on telegram @Ahlam9121
    Protocol Ultimatum Token
    Boa tarde, criei um contrato e gostaria de fazer algumas alterações, quando o criei foi um codigo bem simples, mas chegou o momento de adicionar melhorias alguém poderia me explicar como faço?
    o contrato esta no bscscam já verificado
    B Michael Anderson
    hi am a newbie here am trying to deploy a contract but it showing me this A scenario file is required. It must be json formatted. how can i get over it
    Beovonni Glover
    Does anyone know the hashing function Remix IDE uses when you sign a message within the interface? More specifically, when you sign a message within Remix it returns a bytes32 value for the key named hash. What method are they using to get this value? I have tried keccak256(abi.encodePacked(text)) but that returns a different hash.
    @Innovoeb It uses web3js library's sign method
    Beovonni Glover
    @Aniket-Engg Thank you for this as I did not know what library they used, however, I was asking specifically how does Remix hash the message/string.
    Hello~ I'm looking to restore a workspace with Restore Backup Zip but the Plugin doesn't seem to be there anymore. Is there somewhere I can import the Plugin or is there another method to restore my workspace zip file? Thank you!
    You can get the same option in file explorer
    above to workspaces dropdown
    2 replies
    請問怎麼更新Remix IDE
    Hi, I am trying to compile a contract but I keep getting the error "Invalid input source specified." Does anyone know how to fix it?
    RagingRhino Token
    good evening, i was trying to deploy a smart contract lastnight using remix on cronos. my contract is still pending, have attempted to cancel and has eaten up the gas to cancel but will not. i have no transactions reflecting on cronoscan any help would be appriciated

    Hi, I am trying to compile a contract but I keep getting the error "Invalid input source specified." Does anyone know how to fix it?

    you must be having an import in your contract which is not resolving

    Hi there,
    when I deploy a smart contract, it asks for a passphrase. But after typing in passphrase and clicking ok, Remix did nothing. Does anyone have an idea? Thx!
    <yann300> do you have personal mode in the settings enabled?
    3 replies
    <yann300> in the common case, it's better to not have it
    could you send a reference to the Fantom chain?
    hey I'm having trouble connecting my wallet to deploy a contract is that normal ?
    Demosthenes | demosthenes.eth
    I'm trying to download my contract files to a local folder from Remix and believe I have to use Remixd to do so?
    But having trouble getting "Connect to LocalHost" to work
    Have installed remix using npm but think I must be missing something obvious
    Demosthenes | demosthenes.eth
    Ultimately I'm trying to verify a contract on Etherscan but nothing I do seems to be working
    @kwiledirects_twitter Have you started remixd locally? See: https://remix-ide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/remixd.html#remixd-command
    Demosthenes | demosthenes.eth
    @Aniket-Engg I've been trying to but in all likelihood I haven't. I've installed it for sure, but I keep getting issues whenever I try to run it.
    what are the issues you see?
    can you share here?
    Sahara NFT
    Hello I have been having issues deploying a contract here is the transaction id: 0x16cd67b884e5c373a67bf8617616bf579e06eb8993e75966661d692dae7453b8
    Sahara NFT
    @Aniket-Engg Hello I have been having issues deploying a contract here is the transaction id: 0x16cd67b884e5c373a67bf8617616bf579e06eb8993e75966661d692dae7453b8
    @SamiLaayouni_twitter can you share the issue you see? May be an error screenshot?
    Hello, I am attempting to deploy a smart contract via Remix-Ethereum IDE, but when I do so, I get the following error through MetaMask: Transaction 0 failed! [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC ‘{“value”:{“code”:-32603,”data”:{“code”:3200,”message”:”tx fee (4.95 ether) exceeds the configured cap(1.00) ether”}}} Does anyone have any experience with this?
    Nejc Drobnič
    Hello! Which rpc method is needed for debugging?
    @Quantumlyy you have to open debug_traceTransaction
    and debug_storageRangeAt
    Raghav laad
    When I'm switching network to Injected Web3 in my Remix, its saying can't detect network, facing the same problem for a week now.
    Can anyone help with that?
    I have told you what raghav
    Raghav laad
    Thanks for that, but I don't know how to synchronize wallet with Remix

    Hi folks! I have created an auction smart contract in remix and now I have to do some experiments with it. In my model, it is possible to create the requests and then bid those requests with the Bid() function. I need to create let's say 10 requests and them 20/200/2000 bids for those requests to see how the system will work, if it is reliable and to measure time and gas cost. But I am not sure how I can automate the process of creating so many bids.

    Does anybody know how it could be done ??
    I would appreciate any sort of advice 🙏🏼

    when i compile contract with import "@openzeppelin..., remixd error Invalid input source specified. how can i fix it
    you should probably install open zeppelin lib, something like npm install @openzeppelin/contracts
    1 reply
    Hi, today i lost money using Remix. Anybody can help me?
    hi can i launch a bsc project through remix
    Lucien Loiseau
    what is the best practice to test external payable function with the remix solidity unit testing plugin ?
    because calling this.method mess with msg.sender and msg.value
    @Marlinski It is a bit tricky for now. We are working to find an easy way for this very soon.
    Bruno Delb
    Hi. I lost all my workspaces in Remix (running on Brave). I opened the developer console to explore the indexeddb storage to try to find my files. But I found nothing. I tried to search in Local Storage of remix.ethereum.org but I didn't find the .sol there. Does anybody has an idea where I could try to find the files?