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<telegram bridge> dannyryan
back from telegram
Danny Ryan
and from gitter
<lefterisjp> The logo changed 😮
<djrtwo> sweet gif @proto
<proto> And it's animated, hover mouse, haha. And thanks again to @q9f for enabling this new logo.
<Ivan Martinez (Kiwi)> slick
<lefterisjp> pretty sweet indeed!
can we get a Youtube link for today's eth 2.0 call so it can be posted to relevant communities for people who want to watch it?
github issue doesn't have one yet
Edson Ayllon
Sorry, that was meant for before the call. Usually, the Youtube for the meetings will be on this channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNOfzGXD_C9YMYmnefmPH0g
Elliot Olds
I'm trying to track down the source of the messages from "@Eth-Gitter-Bridge" ... So there's some bridge between gitter (this room presumably) and Eth.. what is "Eth" in this context? What platform and how can I go there?
Ashis Kumar Pradhan
Hello guys. I want to learn more about sharding feature of ETH2. Can anyone share resources related to it?
Jonathan Gros-Dubois

When contrasting sharding with multi-blockchain (multi-token) solutions, I heard a lot of people say that the multi-blockchain solution is not secure because smaller blockchains would be vulnerable to 51% attacks from nodes which run the larger blockchains. But I think this is only true for Proof of Work blockchains.

It doesn't appear to be a problem for Proof of Stake because a hacker would have to buy more than 50% of all 'sidechain' tokens in order to bring down that sidechain; by the time the hacker acquires that many tokens, they would lose the incentive to bring it down... The hacker would also be the biggest shareholder of that token so their incentive would be for it to go up and not to hack it.

Given that Ethereum is moving to PoS, wouldn't it make sense to go with a multi-blockchain solution (each ERC-20 token gets its own chain) instead of sharding chains based on other arbitrary attributes?

Diederik Loerakker
Hey, it looks like the chat bridge between the gitter and discord is broken. Discussion moved to discord. https://discord.gg/pF64sB
Jonathan Gros-Dubois
Thanks. I copied my question on that channel.
Diederik Loerakker
I was notified someone needed a new invite link to the eth2 discord channel. Here you go: https://discord.gg/dtqe2TR
Jan Rummens
Hey I'm new and read about 'ETH 2 Phase 2 WIKI' , would like to join for testing eth2 release.
have testing and programming background
what is best place to start?
have some experience with mining Monero, testing bitcoin on regtest net, python
but consider myself as crypto rookie
Jan Rummens
ok I will start reading 'Ethereum 2.0 Devs Handbook and FAQs'