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Mar 2016
Mar 09 2016 04:07
how long do i need to mine 1 ether in textnet?
anyone know?
Mar 09 2016 04:17
the account you want to send from is empty?
Mar 09 2016 04:20
@bobsummerwill Thanks a lot for the detail explanation. Im currently running the install so it should last all night. I'll be at the homestead party for sure. Hopefully I'll have the start of an app running by then
Bob Summerwill
Mar 09 2016 04:51
No problem, @dicbo. Hope you don't hit any issues in your overnight run!
Happy-apping :-)
Alex Van de Sande
Mar 09 2016 08:35
@skykingit depends on a lot of factors like your computer and how many others are mining. On my MacBook it usually takes a couple of minutes only
Mar 09 2016 10:04
simplestorage always console connect-refuse ,who konw why?
simplestorage dApp always console connect-refuse ,who konw why?
Alex Van de Sande
Mar 09 2016 11:17
@skykingit what? Can you give more context on what you’re using?
Jonathan Brown
Mar 09 2016 12:29
Is this a standard?:
    string public name;
    string public symbol;
    uint8 public decimals;
Alex Van de Sande
Mar 09 2016 12:34
what’s wrong with that?
Jonathan Brown
Mar 09 2016 12:35
I mean is it documented somewhere?
Can you just declare totalSupply a public variable in the same way?
Cox Davy
Mar 09 2016 13:15
I have a question regarding how to call functions from web3.js, can someone help me?
Mar 09 2016 15:01
HI everyone. When I kill real contract, it will stay in blockchain? Till when?
Mar 09 2016 20:34
If you kill a contract it will be gone as soon as the transaction has been accepted