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Mar 2016
Mar 13 2016 05:58
New here too...really new. Still waiting for wallet to download. Saw this on interview with Dan Hassan of Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Co-Operativ. Not sure if I have the knowledge to implement but watched how bitcoin has progressed and think this is the next logical step in crypto-currencies. Any suggestions for a total newbie?
I did take some basic C+ classes a couple years ago, have some gaming design experience with Unity...enough to do this?
Mar 13 2016 07:53
what the hell is a repo?
wrote some bs code?
only one up at 4am i guess
Alex Van de Sande
Mar 13 2016 11:48
Hi @SilverisBetter
Mar 13 2016 17:58
hello, when will russian language?
Alex Van de Sande
Mar 13 2016 18:19
Hi @npankov we have no plans to translate it but the content is all free to copy and modify so anyone can translate it!
Mar 13 2016 23:58
@alexvandesande typo in
UNDERSTANDING THE CODE >>. The addresses are in the the basic hexadecimal ethereum format,...