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Mar 2016
Mar 26 2016 11:27
hi there
I have a question: i've read thit tutorial and my question is: there are already coins based on this that are traded on exchanges for BTC?
@alexvandesande i've read some of your suggestions, thanks for this
Makoto Inoue
Mar 26 2016 19:38
FYI, just raised another PR on the token tutorial ethereum/ethereum-org#217
Makoto Inoue
Mar 26 2016 19:53
And I have a question about the token tutorial. After deploying for the first time, it asks you to click Watch Token at contracts page but there’s no such a button. Instead there is Watch Contract. When I click the button, A pop up will appear, but filling in contract address does not autofill the rest, and when I click OK, I get couldn’t parse the JSON message. Am I doing it wrong?