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Apr 2016
Apr 11 2016 03:10
Hi there
another noob here :) I want to try to setup my computer for pool mining for the sake of curiosity (at least for now). The guide I used didn't work for me, is there a recommended and up to date guide/tutorial somewhere?
Bob Summerwill
Apr 11 2016 03:27
Hey @Thisisgodzilla,
I would head to and ask there. There appears to be a bit of magic to the process (which will also be pool-dependent). Best wishes!
Apr 11 2016 05:19

Hi, noob here trying to make a smart contract in Solidity. All I've done so far is this:
have I managed to make one? any help/advice would be appreciated.

Also: Will contracts written in Solidity run on iOS/Android devices? thanks

Apr 11 2016 09:45
@ftwhlp contracts only run on Ethereum nodes, you wouldn't "run" it on a mobile device
unless there is a mobile node I'm not aware of
the tutorials on are a good place to start. You can add the contract using the wallet app to get started.
John Frederic Kosanke
Apr 11 2016 17:45
I would like to make receipt of my token dependent on agreeing to an acceptance of use policy. Can I attach a few lines of visible text and an agree button to the token?