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May 2016
Makoto Inoue
May 02 2016 10:03
@Physes That's a great idea. I am hosting study group and there are some noobies joining every week but most of tutorials out there are quite out of date so such a tutorial will help us a lot
Alfred Jordan
May 02 2016 15:29
Is there a place in this conversation for people who are not developers?
I am interested in the commercial application of Ethereum as currency and contracts for a 21 million person virtual nation in the United States. The nation is comprised of Descendants of American Slaves. We want a complimentary currency that can achieve parity with the value of the US Dollar, Euro and Yuan within a short span of time.
Bob Summerwill
May 02 2016 15:38
Hey @oneofthefreds_twitter,
Probably the best place for that would be
Alfred Jordan
May 02 2016 15:44
Thanks Bob.