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May 2016
Sriram Kumar
May 04 2016 08:06
That was a pretty good explanation on token. I came to the very same room to ask about it
Sriram Kumar
May 04 2016 08:20
Just clearing things up, so a smart contract is nothing but a simple script that is uploaded to the blockchain network for some gas price(ethers) and then you could call the script, run it and execute it? Am I right? Miners will help you load the particular TX(execution of the contract) on the block for a reward
Sriram Kumar
May 04 2016 08:32
2 . And token is a digital representation of some assets, so I could use token to quantify a physical asset like gold, diamond , iron or even services like software or music classes lol. But the only catch is that, you need to trust the issuer - thats it? so tokens are mechanisms provided by ethereum blockchain to issue your own currency.
  1. Isnt it sort off like a centralized system? You still depend on the token created by a particular issuer?
Alex Van de Sande
May 04 2016 09:57
@batteringram01 tokens are themselves also just scripts
Sriram Kumar
May 04 2016 10:13
so lets say I buy a single token from digix which is say 10g of gold, now its obvious that digix tokens will have to be accepted by various entities, similar to how bitcoins will have to be accepted as a payment method. So essentially you are just creating your own cryptocurrency called tokens and give it a value.
@alexvandesande - is there any other usecases used by financial firms?
Makoto Inoue
May 04 2016 11:23
@batteringram01 you can write escrow service using Ethereum
Sriram Kumar
May 04 2016 11:25
Right. I am building a simple usecase, 3 node setup with two accounts and one DAO contract(bank) which will hold some $ for each of the account, now the user can withdraw the dollars as ethers(wei) into their account. Thats do-able right? @makoto - doing this just to get a hang of things . i m super new :D
Makoto Inoue
May 04 2016 12:29
@batteringram01 I am not sure how you can programmatically send $ to contract. you may be able to do it BTC -> ETHER via though I've never tried
Pi Delport
May 04 2016 12:34
@batteringram01: That's the gist of it. You always have to trust the issuer of any token to give it meaning, in any system: a block chain / consensus system is just a way to communicate and exchange those tokens in a secure and decentralized fashion.
Sriram Kumar
May 04 2016 16:25
Got it @pjdelport
Makoto Inoue
May 04 2016 22:46


I have a question about general strategy of writing multiple contracts.

Something like tutorial assumes that you have one contract which manages all the available tokens.
What if you want to create multiple contracts that have same functions but different initializer values?

For example, A 101 Noob Intro to Programming Smart Contracts on Ethereum,
has a contract example called Conference which manages buying/refunding tickets of one conference.
The contract is like .

What if I want to write a service like or eventbrite on top of blockchain so that I can let organisers to create conference contract which has same functions but different ticket prices, venue capacities, and so on?
Do I need to compile/deploy new contract every time new conference is organised, or is it possible to create some sort of master contract which can fork multiple conference contracts?

An advise is appreciated.

PS: Apologies for cross post across multiple channels.