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May 2016
May 12 2016 05:21
@alexvandesande Can you point me to info on how to recover? It was send to a testnet account.
Alex Van de Sande
May 12 2016 12:11
@Rincker :point_up: 11 de Maio de 2016 10:44
Ahmad Tsikplornu
May 12 2016 19:11
Alex Van de Sande
May 12 2016 20:49
Hi @Tsikplornu_twitter no need to shout ;-)
Yeshwanth Kumar
May 12 2016 21:20

@alexvandesande I have not deployed a DAO, but a dao is essentially a contract right? So both dao address and contract address(token contract) are the same? Both the address are used to communicate or get that contract instance ?

It says contract Democracy clearly, but just making sure since DAO addresses were looking alittle different compared to the token contract ones.

I will be able to do a and get my instance right?

Hope i am not asking silly questions :smile:
Alex Van de Sande
May 12 2016 21:24
@morpheyesh it depends. You could deploy two contracts, a dao and a token, and you’d have two addresses. But yes, both are contracts
Yeshwanth Kumar
May 12 2016 21:25
got it