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May 2016
Nitza Alfinas
May 16 2016 07:59

Hi, I have learned about creating a smart contract on MIST. Now I want to create a smart contract using MIX which my goal is running this contract on a browser.

I am learning this tutorial.
After complete the contract.sol and index.html
I run the geth --testnet command in the terminal (I am using Mac).
Then, I stuck on how to deploy.
In Ethereum node URL says, "Unable to contact Ethereum node on http://localhost:8545"

Would anyone please point me to the complete tutorial or how to solve this?

May 16 2016 12:47
I am not able to configure morden testnet ..Everytime i get error like -->Genesis block configuration is corrupted or not found ./resources/genesis/...
Can anyone help me to configure morden-testnet.
May 16 2016 15:10
Hi, i'm new to the system. I just used Poloniex to exchange bitcoins for ether. I used Poloniex to send 2.60115625 ethers to my ethereum wallet in my main account ( etherbase). I used the adress at the right of the little key under Main account ( etherbase). Poloniex confirm the transfert have been complete. The problem is I don't see any ethers in my wallet. Thanks.
May 16 2016 20:04
I have the same problem, except I was trying to send my Ether from my Poloniex account to one account I created with geth, and I think it's because my geth node has not been synchronized with updated blocks yet... which is the biggest problem I have now...
I've been using the command "geth --cache=1024 --jitvm console" to try to synchronize my node, in the beginning it was fast, but then it got stuck, at around block #1185000, only doing a few blocks at a time, then stayed idle for days, until I exit and redo it, and it may move a few block again, or not at all...
I had tried the --fast option some people suggested, it only works for the beginning, but then got stuck/slow down like what I described
May 16 2016 20:10
I had also tried using "admin.addPeer" to connect some supposedly "good nodes" for quicker results, none working either.
Help, anyone?