These are chat archives for ethereum/tutorials

May 2016
Alden Park Wong
May 28 2016 04:16
Hey Alex, download the wallet for your OS and follow instructions. There are videos on youtube that help. I just don't know if you're on windows or mac to give you helpful insight. Regarding DAO tokens, I got an account with Kraken. It's an exchange for cryptocurrency and there going to include DAO tokens on their exchange. Sorry If I can't help out more. I'm a noob too..
May 28 2016 09:17
Does anyone know where to find info on customizing the wallet, so for instance if I have a new currency contract mycoin and I want to roll it out with a mycoin wallet?
So not showing ether or other stuff. Would greatly appreciat pointers or tips on how to do that..
Michael Davidson
May 28 2016 14:32
So I guess the LATEST TRANSACTIONS section of the Ethereum Wallet shows everybody's transactions with The DAO as they happen?
Ralph A. Bauer 2
May 28 2016 20:23
The password thing continues to elude me... I can't have forgotten the password I used. Trying to brute force it with a python program. have to learn python, though