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Jun 2016
Sriram Kumar
Jun 05 2016 07:20
no body on a browser based wallet?
any ideas? thoughts?
Jun 05 2016 10:27
ETH is about to go again into 0.03 or more once bitcoin drop.. also the ETH network going to give us great pump check this:
Luca Zeug
Jun 05 2016 10:35
Please be careful guys with this link :point_up:
@adamskee according to this website spreads a trojan: - EthereumNetworkSetup.rar
Alex Van de Sande
Jun 05 2016 10:48
Yeah I banned him but I can't delete his message
Luca Zeug
Jun 05 2016 11:05
Can you change his topic-link to link to his post?
Jun 05 2016 14:55
Does anybody know how to create a custom genesis block with a given address and value from the command line? This tutorial is dated:
 genesis=pyethtool mkgenesis $addr 1000000000000000000

echo $genesis