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Jun 2016
Bob Summerwill
Jun 06 2016 02:47

Google took me to BeyondMLM. I've never been there before searching for OneCoin information. Ignore that site if it's unreliable. Wikipedia unreliable in your mind? And Coindesk? There are no shortage of sites where you can find credible criticism.

If you want to believe that OneCoin are any kind of "business" then good luck to you. Open your eyes, and see how their principal people behave on stage and how little substance there is in their words.

Jun 06 2016 07:10
Is there a good tutorial on how to get started ... i use a linux mint machine .. downloaded the wallet - runned Geth - but wallet dosent load ..only geth running in terminal.... Would like to start to learn how to use this for personal use .both mining and purchasing goods with ether ...