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Jun 2016
Bob Summerwill
Jun 12 2016 01:20

Oh @cityhunter441_twitter ... you have made me waste another hour or so appalling myself at OneCoin!

Found this treasure trove:

Couple of articles on The Merkle too:

Jun 12 2016 08:41
@bobsummerwill .... haha you're informed about the author of these sites? this is a joke?
Sorry this is not credible!
I give evidence of true !! no Blabla !!
A picture is worth a thousand words !!
there is the boss of the Financial IT in London !! 11/06/2016 ( concrete !)
He is a specialist ponzis ?? hahaha
Jon Ramvi
Jun 12 2016 10:37
Hmm when I try to execute the MyAdvancedToken contract on I'm getting No data is deplayed on the contract address. I even tried setting the gas to the gas limit, still no go. Is the contract too advanced for the current block gas limit?
Jun 12 2016 16:02
I’m a newbie to ethereum.
I want to use ethereum as data storage.
Could you please give me some ideas?
Luca Zeug
Jun 12 2016 16:29
@scorpiovn that’s a very vague inquiry you got their. Please give some more details on the systems purpose/what you pursue.
Bob Summerwill
Jun 12 2016 20:23
@scorpiovn Depending on what you are looking to store, Ethereum might not be a good fit. If you are looking to store anything non-trivial, if might be better looking at IPFS and Swarm. See and respectively.