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Jun 2016
Jun 16 2016 03:20 UTC
Hi there. can i know how to i mine ethereum via stratum?
Jun 16 2016 06:11 UTC
Hello guys and gals. Two noob questions:
1) I'm a UX designer and wanna help. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find where my skills can be used?
2) To start off, I decided to try mining. Then a lot of roadblocks. Latest info I have is that mining "casually" on a Macbook is ill advised due to low GPU power (compared to rigs) and high risk of hardware overheating. Is this correct?
Luca Zeug
Jun 16 2016 11:22 UTC
Hey @lucascerro, welcome
  1. cool, perhaps @alexvansande has something? ;)
  2. you shouldn’t do it on a macbook for two reasons
    • it drastically decreases the lifetime of the hardware
    • it is most likely not profitable at the moment (good gpu rigs are at current price per ether). …well, you could speculate on rising prices though :smirk: