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Jun 2016
Jun 19 2016 00:07 UTC
Can I get some assistance?
When I'm mining with the R9 390 with updated drivers this is what i'm getting.
Jun 19 2016 05:49 UTC
How to mine with a pool? I am trying: ethminer.exe -F -G but it I am getthing ms error window saying ethminer.exe has stopped working etc.
Jun 19 2016 09:23 UTC

Hi, dev noob here. Is it normal that there's no more contracts pane or pending pane for alethzero..?

I'm basing on this tutorial:

I am using cpp-ethereum, the latest v.1.2.9 (Village Idiot), and unfortunately I'm restricted to Windows.

Lorant Vari
Jun 19 2016 10:17 UTC
This message was deleted
Luca Zeug
Jun 19 2016 10:32 UTC
Please be careful with this :point_up: link. This could be a trojan. He posted on every gitter-channel.
Paolo Werbrouck
Jun 19 2016 18:38 UTC
Apologies for the newbie question, but how to I get a little bit of test ethers to get me started experimenting and learning ?
Makoto Inoue
Jun 19 2016 21:14 UTC
@pwerbrouck you should be able to mine by yourself if for testnet*FNwrdemT26NmluL4Bi63Tw.png