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Jun 2016
Jun 21 2016 01:20 UTC
Slockit released the Ethereum Computer.. with the ETHOS seems cool check this out:
Luca Zeug
Jun 21 2016 06:58 UTC
^^ Likely scam/malware ^^
Jun 21 2016 07:36 UTC
This message was deleted
@bakiguher this is not me. and that shit is a virus. some guy from israel. took my everything.
Jun 21 2016 09:07 UTC
Hello everyone
I would love to ask this question, how far have ethereum reached by far?
Like what are the project that are under developing stage?
Jun 21 2016 10:15 UTC
Hello I am new to ethereum and wanted some video tutorials which can put me on track ... Any help in this regards
Jun 21 2016 13:48 UTC
Youtube !!