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Jun 2016
Jun 24 2016 01:09
Hello, I would like to know how to finance a project with ethereum, if alquiern can help me, to see if it is possible, as fund a project of a subdivision of land. the idea is to generate a token that is equivalent to one m2 of property. where I can get help, is this possible.
thank you very much
Jon Seymour
Jun 24 2016 01:11
I have some really basic questions about ethereum contracts that I am hoping some people can help me with.
The first question is: are contract methods callable by other contracts? Are there any restrictions on who can call these methods?
What prevents anyone calling the approveAndCall method?
Jun 24 2016 05:50
@jonseymour approveAndCall is callable from any other contract address/at any callstack
@jonseymour use modifiers/mutexes to prevent unxpected calls/state changes
Jun 24 2016 06:24
What is max string length a variable in solidity hold ?
I want to store url in solidity contract storage.
Jon Seymour
Jun 24 2016 06:34
Thanks @rapiddenis, so to prevent Mallory approving a transfer to his own account (in the example above), it would need to be modified to ensure that only messages from the contract owner are able to exercise that function?
Jun 24 2016 09:26
Hello somebody help in my project? It's about web developing, app and software developing.
Please contact me
Jun 24 2016 17:36
hola, necesito una mano con mi proyecto, alguno de habla hispana me podia dar una mano?