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Jul 2016
Jul 13 2016 11:11
how to integrate web3 and meteor for dapp development?
because i am getting error as web3 is not defined...
Luca Zeug
Jul 13 2016 14:25
@itsjazzo assuming you got the basic gist of meteor you should be familiar with - meteor’s packet-manager.
Add web3 to your project via:
meteor add ethereum:web3
@Xuiquaxa you can start with Token tutorial and Build serverless applications.
@kjack1111 currently 1h (SSD) to 16h (HDD). As soon as light client functionality your application won’t need a full node and „connection" to the network will be instantly.
Luca Zeug
Jul 13 2016 14:33
@terencepic yes, you will need to decide which fork (which truth) you want to accept.
@geosav the way you can walk depends on your background and your system’s context. If you want to leverage Ethereum as a merchant for payments the easiest way (for now) would be to use some 3rd party as coinbase is for bitcoin.