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Jul 2016
Jul 19 2016 00:27
@luclu Hello, I have token DAO and opt for hard fork in mist wallet 8.1 that I do now ??? I do not quite understand how to recover my ether DAO
Luca Zeug
Jul 19 2016 00:37
@pat22rpc you will be able to do so using some special smart contract that will be advertised on reddit IF the hardfork should happen.
Jul 19 2016 05:15
Hi: new babie to blockchain.
Are there some tutorial/example to start with? any basic concepts/steps to read?
Lucas Silva
Jul 19 2016 11:01
check some youtube videos first to get the concepts
Pico Joule
Jul 19 2016 12:53
@luclu i didnt know it takes 16x longer to sync on an HDD vs SDD. I thought it would be limited by network speed rather than disk speed. Is syncing an I/O intensive?
Luca Zeug
Jul 19 2016 13:08
@picojoule yet it improved further. I was able to sync on a HDD RAID1 in under 1 hour (at about block 1,700,000).